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How to Change a Trade License Name in the UAE?

How to Change a Trade License Name in the UAE?

Change a Trade License Name

Changing the name of a trade license is a common occurrence in the business world, whether due to rebranding efforts, business expansion, or other reasons. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), known for its vibrant business landscape, offers a well-defined process for changing the trade license name. This article provides a step-by-step guide to help businesses … Read more

UAE Trademark Registration for International Businesses: Tips and Strategies

UAE Trademark Registration for International Businesses

When expanding your business to regions such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), strategic planning is essential. One crucial aspect is safeguarding your brand and concepts. This is where trademark registration becomes pivotal. It’s not only a legal requirement but also a savvy move that bolsters your brand’s strength and paves the way for future … Read more

ESMA Certification Requirements

In today’s globalized world, ensuring the safety and quality of products has become paramount. Governments and regulatory bodies around the world have implemented various measures to protect consumers and maintain high standards. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) plays a crucial role in certifying products and enforcing … Read more

How to check if a Trademark is Registered in the UAE?

trademark registration

In the rapidly advancing hub of commerce and innovation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ensuring the protection of your brand identity and intellectual property is of paramount importance. Central to this protection is the registration of your trademark, which grants you legal rights and exclusivity over a distinctive mark. Whether you are preparing to introduce … Read more

How to Apply for a PO Box Number in Dubai?

PO box

Dubai, a bustling cosmopolitan city known for its progressive infrastructure and efficient postal services, offers a convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike in the form of a PO Box number. Having a PO Box number in Dubai provides a secure and reliable way to receive mail and packages, especially for those who frequently travel … Read more

What Is the Basic Function of Accounting in Business?

basic function of accounting

The way the company runs and how it makes a profit counts a lot. Every company works as hard as possible but what will make you better than the rest? Indeed, your internal functions and systems. If the internal systems are working fine, everything else will start falling into place. This is where the role … Read more

Seven Things to consider for Choosing a Tradename in UAE

Things to consider for Choosing a Tradename in UAE

A company’s name is its identity, which means the right name helps it stand out among countless of other start-ups and businesses. Smart investors in UAE think carefully about their choices for English and Arabic names for their companies. Having a unique name helps in creating a brand presence and awareness in a target market … Read more

Guide on Changing Company Officers in UAE

Guide on Changing Company Officers in UAE

Any appointed company directors and secretaries in the UAE are referred to as company officers. According to local rules and regulations, each company may be able to appoint several directors, a company manager, legal representatives, and a secretary. A company branch can have a manager; but, the appointment of a secretary, legal representative, and the … Read more

What Happens to Employees When a Business Closes in UAE

What Happens to Employees When a Company Closes in UAE

If you choose to sell or close your company and you’ve employed staff members in helping you run business operations, then you need to inform them regarding what’s going to happen to them. Obligations and Options of the Employees As a business owner that will be closing the shop, you will have options but they … Read more

Professional License and Commercial License in Dubai

Professional License in Dubai

To start a business in Dubai, there is a need to acquire a business license. Two of the most common types of licenses issued for businesses in the emirate are professional and commercial licenses. In this article, We will explore the differences between these two.     Points Commercial license  Professional license Type of Activity … Read more