PRO Services in Dubai

Every business will require some additional services even after the original construction and setup. Once the site is chosen, the building is constructed and the office is open for business, it still doesn't mean that the job is over.

Despite your best launch and opening efforts and having hired and procured the staff necessary for your immediate business efforts, there will come a time when your new business will require some PRO services. Dubai business owners should be aware of how time consuming these processes can be.

M|A|F can offer you contract PRO services in Dubai inclusive of Public Relation and Consulting Services, legal administration work involved in obtaining and re-applying for visas, immigration cards, UAE Driving License, Health cards and more.

All of the above must be obtained from the Government and the processes involved can be quite complicated and lengthy. M|A|F is your one stop service for all of the things that you may need for your business setup in Dubai. From trademark registration to company registration and PRO services in Dubai, we will provide you with the best. Call us today to make your dream a reality.

PRO Tasks & Services

New visit visa
New residency visa
Residency visa re-stamping
Residency visa renewal
Residency visa cancellation
New Est. Card – Labor
New Est. Card – Immigration
Renewal of Est. Card – Labor
Renewal of Emirates ID Card
Medical checkup Assistance
Application for new health card
Renewal of Health Card
Transfer of Sponsorship
Profession change
Residence permit correction
Reporting of Absconding
Local sponsor arrangement
Salary amendment
Employment ID card
Non Sponsored ID card
Representative / PRO ID card
Entry permit renewal
Re-entry permit application
Vehicle Registration
EJARI Lease Registration
Mail P O BOX Registration
Driver’s license applications
Applying for liquor license
Documents Attestation
Marriage certificate
Securing no objection letters
Drafting a Wills & Probate
Registration of Wills