Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Mainland

Home to startups, SMEs, and corporations with local and international operations.


  • Swift incorporation
  • Low operating cost
  • Tax incentives
  • Favorable policies
  • Profit repatriation

Dubai Free Zone

Get easy access to the region's lucrative markets with Dubai free zone business setup.


  • No sponsorship required
  • Quick incorporation process
  • Low investment costs
  • Confidentiality
  • No re-export duties

Dubai Offshore

Utilize tax-efficient strategies through Dubai offshore company formation.


  • Complete anonymity
  • Banking facilities
  • Asset protection
  • Swift incorporation
  • One director minimum

Company Formation in Dubai

Farahat & Co.’s trusted business specialists offer Business Setup in Dubai, which helps you understand the crucial differences between off shore, free zone, and mainland company formation, guide in the selection of the correct licenses and permits based on your services and business activities, initiate the visa process, and review and submit all necessary legal documents.

With such a comprehensive company formation service, we don’t just assist with the registration of your business, but we also help ensure you no longer have to deal with the complex administrative and technical aspects of business setup in Dubai.

Fast, Cost-Effective Solutions for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

When setting up a company, it’s important to understand the dynamics of the local and national areas encompassing your business operations. Choosing between off shore, free zone, and mainland company formation is crucial as each option has a different set of rules, regulations, and requirements. There are also other matters you need to address, including the Sharia Law, the specific emirate(s) you want to do business in, and compliance obligations among others.

Dubai’s laws are both unique and diverse, offering several different regulatory options, especially related to labor and residency. In this light, Farahat & Co. offers quality Business Setup solutions that assist new companies aspiring to enter Dubai’s profitable market and get through red tape processes seamlessly.

As the leading Dubai business setup provider, our trusted business specialists offer a comprehensive service related to business setup, as well as finance, accounting and taxation. Our in-house experts are adept at delivering superior solutions that produce results.

In addition, our specialists ensure they’re always up-to-date regarding changes and updates made to business-related laws and regulations. Consequentially, you have all relevant information and resources at your disposal, so you can solely focus on company management instead of dealing with formalities and government entities.

Our Business Setup service includes assistance in the identification of the proper permit and type of license the need to be obtained for a specific field or business type.

  • Trading licenses – required from companies and businesses involved in the import and export of products to and from Dubai. Automobiles, medical products, and other commodities require this kind of licensing;
  • Professional permits – offered to individuals delivering professional services; and
  • Industrial permits – served to companies that are involved in corporate-scale industrial and manufacturing operations

Apart from the aforementioned, the Business Setup solutions of Farahat & Co. can help you find a reliable local sponsor for your business in Dubai. Partnership with a local sponsor is a requirement when establishing a business outside Dubai’s free zone areas. As per government regulations, a foreign national who has gained a residence status can develop an establishment in non-free zone areas if done in collaboration with a UAE national. The UAE national acts as the company’s local service agent, serving as the representative to government entities.

Setting up a business can be an incredibly strenuous endeavor without the guidance of professionals. Our trusted business setup specialists will assist you throughout the entire process of company formation, from the acquiring of the right permits and licenses up to visa processing, and review and submission of the necessary legal documents. Furthermore, we take the extra mile with our Business Setup solutions by providing you with regular status reports to ensure you’re in the loop.

For over a decade, we've certified thousands of companies in Dubai successfully. Our connections with national and local government entities have grown stronger, which is why we can help you generate business setup clearances quickly. Our team of business consultants specializing in Business Setup enables us to offer outstanding business setup solutions.

Farahat & Co.’s Business Setup team comprises of industry experts that don’t hesitate in innovating for your business’ growth. Our experts have over a decade of experience in the timely accomplishment of company formations, and work hard to provide clients with unbiased professional advice and assistance. Regarding the business setup costs, you can expect complete transparency from our professionals.  

Business setup, for it to be successful, requires complete dedication, in-depth knowledge, and extensive expertise. Call us today, so you can book a free consultation with our experts on Business Setup in Dubai.

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Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai

  • Dubai has a sound and solid construction industry, so the city offers a massive market for activities that support business growth;
  • Company formation in Dubai allows business owners to easily and seamlessly deal with local and international clients;
  • Dubai’s import-export history and strong trading tradition make it an attractive location, especially for companies dealing in global trading; and
  • Liberal laws and free movement of business and investment funds mean no restriction on the repatriation of capital and profits.