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DWC Approved Auditor In Dubai, UAE

Audit Firms in Dubai World Central

Dubai World Central (DWC) is a strategic commercial initiative launched by the Dubai government in 2006. Dubai World Central is one of the most significant Free Zones in the UAE, it pivotally serves a compelling role in
the UAE’s economy. The free zone offers businesses a firm financial foundation and supports a wide range of commercial, humanitarian, aeronautical, and exhibition operations. Dubai World Central companies are required to submit their financial statements annually to approved Audit Firms in Dubai to enforce legal compliance on business conduct.

Benefits of the Dubai World Central (DWC) Free Zone

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How to De-Register Your Company in the DIFC?

Auditing Procedure of DWC Approved Audit Firm

Approved audit firms conduct the following auditing process:

  • Primarily, the corporation signs an official DWC audit engagement agreement in Dubai South with an approved DWC auditor.
  • The client’s organization and volume of business are thoroughly examined by the auditor
  • Then, the DWC auditor examines the corporation’s financial accounts, legal documentation, and books and records

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Approved Audit Firms in Dubai

Farahat & Co. is one of Dubai’s prominent audit firms. We are a registered auditing firm in DWC and other numerous free zones in the UAE. We provide top-notch strategies that identify the risk that a company might be incurring. We aim to administer premiere and efficient audits for our valued clients’ businesses.

Farahat & Co. has years of experience providing expertise in the fields of audit, accounting, business advisory, business consulting, and tax consulting. Our expert team of professionals specializes in a variety of corporate sectors and industries. They offer auditing and accounting services, specified to your requirements, including:

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