How to Open a Branch Office in Dubai, UAE

Opening a Branch Office in UAE – Requirements, Setup & License Cost

Opening a new branch of business is one of the things that businessmen conduct here in the UAE. More often than not, business owners carry out a business setup in Dubai and expand into the free zones to do business in there. However, there is quite a confusion between branch office and representative office.

Difference Between Branch & Representative Office

A parent company can set up another entity that is registered to that state or country and under it jurisdictions but is still considered as part of the aforementioned parent company. The ownership still belongs to the parent company of the branch that should be licensed with the same name and activity.

On the other hand, a representative office is defined as an activity of a branch that is for the sole purpose of marketing the products and services of the company; however, delivery and trading cannot be done by this office. Anyone who wishes to establish a representative office in Dubai needs to go to the UAE Ministry of the Economy and Dubai Department of Economic Development to be registered.

Opening a branch company in Dubai simply means that a person already has a licensed organization in the UAE (outside the free zones) and would like to cater to other and potential clients inside those zones. Almost the same procedure of choosing an office, warehouse, and location is applied when you set up a branch of a local company. In addition to this, you would need a national service agent when you set up a branch. This agent must be either an individual who is a UAE national or a company that is owned by UAE nationals. It should be noted, however, that this agent will not have any rights on the branch that is set up. This is only done because the federal and local government requires this so.

There are additional steps to be done and procedures to follow when starting a business in Dubai, which is basically a branch. For this reason, a consultant is advisable to be sought for further information for your guidance. A consultant can definitely answer your question of how to open a branch office in UAE, giving you a detailed explanation and step-by-step process so you will grasp the pros and cons of doing so. You can find out from them the cost of setting up branch office in Dubai as well so that you can be financially prepared when you enter this venture. Opening a new branch of business may not be a simple task but it is something that can be done systematically, adhering to the laws of the land, when the right people do it on your behalf.

Whether you are after a company formation in Dubai, setting up a branch, or setting up a representative office in Dubai, your consultant can help you decide and weigh in things. The information that you need to know will be provided by them, such as if you set up a branch, you are definitely allowed to do the same activities that your parent company does.

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