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How to Open a Branch Office in Dubai, UAE

Opening a Branch Office in UAE – Requirements, Setup & License Cost

Opening a new branch of business is one of the things that businessmen conduct here in the UAE. More often than not, business owners carry out a business setup in Dubai and expand into the free zones to do business in there. However, there is quite a confusion between branch office and representative office.

Difference Between Branch & Representative Office

A parent company can set up another entity that is registered to that state or country and under it jurisdictions but is still considered as part of the aforementioned parent company. The ownership still belongs to the parent company of the branch that should be licensed with the same name and activity.

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  • Following industries you can setup in UAE

    We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

  • Benefits of Setting up Branch of Local Company in UAE

    As with any other business setup, advantages do go alongside setting up a business in Dubai and a branch as well. More often than not, businessmen who already have their organizations in the UAE want to cater their customers in other parts of the country by setting up another branch to ensure that the demand for their products and services is met. This is a great way to meet their clients halfway and even established a better rapport than what’s already been established between them and the consumers.

    Moreover, with this kind of expansion, the name of the company also has the opportunity to be known by other consumers and might even catch a new target market that they can add to their potential clients. This will also give the organization a strong presence in the country as it slowly works its way up to the notable names in its industry.

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  • Business Setup Requirements & Procedure

    Requirements for Dubai Company Registration

    • Proof of tradename reservation (our firm’s task)
    • Proof of initial approval for the activities (our firm’s task)
    • Passport copies of the shareholders
    • Passport copy and CV (resume) of the manager
    • Personal information sheet of each shareholder and manager (template will be forwarded by our firm)
    • Lease agreement (documents)—having a physical address for your business/office is mandatory in the UAE. The rent in average within the free zone area is USD 25 up to USD 45 per sq. ft. (USD 225 up to USD 400 per sq. m.). Our firm can assist you while searching for your physical address. You can learn more about leasing and rental cost here. (This item will be required only after we obtain the initial approval from the authority.)
    • Notarized and attested Power of Attorney appointing our firm as your legal representative, so that we can act on your behalf and/or on behalf of the shareholders (template will be forwarded by our firm).
    • There are some activities which might require third-party/authority pre-approval—accordingly, additional cost and professional fees might be applicable.
    • Also during the process, the authorities might require a few other documents.
  • The procedure of processing the company setup would range from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Support Services Offered in UAE

    FAR Consulting Middle East is one of the leading consulting companies in Dubai that deal with corporate business services Dubai. We assist people who have questions on how to open a business in Dubai.

    We can provide the following services when you let us handle your affairs when it comes to company setup in Dubai:

    • Applying and following up on behalf of the client until the collection of the Certificate of Business Registration (Trade License)
    • Representing the client in front of the authorities
    • Assisting the client in bank account opening
    • Assisting the client in account opening with the Ministry of Labour
    • Assisting the client in account opening with the UAE immigration
    • Assisting the client in leasing a premise as an address for the business
  • Business Setup Cost in UAE

    Below is the estimated Dubai business setup cost with our own assessment of the fees. You can contact us for further information regarding this table of estimation.

    UAE Mainland Estimated Official Cost for Study Case/New Business Setup
    Fees/Cost/ReceiverNarrationCycleCost (AED)PaymentComments
    Trade Name ReservationGovt. AgencyOne Time610100% Adv.View
    Initial Approval for Your BusinessGovt. AgencyOne Time110100% Adv.
    Local Citizen – Sponsorship FeeYour Business’ Local SponsorYearly15,000100% LaterView
    MOA – Legal Translation ServicesTranslation ServicesOne Time1,280100% Adv.View
    Notarization of MOAGovt. AgencyOne Time960100% Adv.View
    Licensing & Certificate of Incorporation Fees (For Specific Business Activity)Govt. AgencyYearly7,000100% Adv.View
    File Opening – Immigration (Establishment Card)Govt. AgencyOne Time860100% Adv.
    File Opening – Ministry of Labour (Establishment Card)Govt. AgencyOne Time2,053100% Adv.
    E-Signature Card – Ministry of LabourGovt. AgencyOne Time1,000100% Adv.
    Farhat Office & Co.’s Fees – Your Business Registration Consultant’s Professional Fees
    All Following Services are Included:
    » MOA drafting – Arabic / English
    » Power of attorney Drafting – A/E
    » Side Agreement Drafting – A/E
    Professional Fees/Farhat Office & Co.One Time15,000100% Adv.


    All fees for government and related authorities are an estimation only. The exact government fees will be determined at the time of submission of the applications. We are obligated to provide our clients with all receipts of government and related agencies against the amount that will be paid. Every amount that will expense for your business registration will be supported by documents. In case of shortage, the client has to repay us. In case of excess, we have to refund the client.

    Our professional fee covers consultation, drafting of legal documents, introducing reliable local citizen service-agent when required, assisting in document notarization from the local notary public, assisting in local bank account opening, and applying to the concerned authorities on your behalf.