Business Setup In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Operate in a highly developed business destination with Abu Dhabi business setup.


  • Liberal laws
  • Free movement of funds
  • Access to UAE markets
  • Wide business scope
  • Financial viability
  • Tax exemption
  • Inexpensive workforce

Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Ensure the growth of your business on Abu Dhabi free zone business setup.


  • Easy business setup
  • Confidentiality
  • Trading opportunities
  • Foreign ownership
  • No income/corporate tax
  • No ForEx controls
  • Modern infrastructure

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

Farahat & Co. makes the process of Business Setup in Abu Dhabi easy and straightforward by simplifying the entire incorporation process.

With a thriving business and economic climate, Abu Dhabi is a city that fully supports businesses and entrepreneurs. The Emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED) aims to achieve a balanced and sustainable knowledge-based economy. Its mission isn’t just to enable sustainable economic development, but also to encourage competitiveness and ensure the welfare of the community.

As soon as you have a DED-licensed enterprise, you can then take full advantage of operating a business within the capital of the UAE that offers access to the biggest international airports and seaports.

How to start a business in Abu Dhabi? For over a decade, our team of business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi is the trusted service provider of SMEs and foreign multi-national corporations aiming to setup and establish new businesses in Abu Dhabi. Equipped with unrivalled market insight, on-the-ground network, and local experience, our experts strive to ensure your business is set up optimally for success. Our Business Setup solutions facilitate the registration procedure with little to no interference on your business operations.

At Farahat & Co., our Business Setup team provides foreign investors planning Abu Dhabi incorporation with complete solutions for the formation of companies within the promising region. Our tailored service helps investors with the following:

  1. Establishment of business that fits the needs of investors and adheres to the current government regulations;
  2. Acceleration of time required in starting business operations by decreasing the amount of time, effort, and resources required from investors for business setup in Abu Dhabi;
  3. Investor advisory and assistance to achieve effective market penetration with the implementation of tailored business management and business development tactics devised by the firm’s seasoned business consultants

Our team of company setup abu dhabi experts guide international investors as they create value and increase return on investment while operating within the Abu Dhabi market. The comprehensive Business Setup solutions of Farahat & Co. will also assist in the following aspects:

  • Preparation of application forms required by the DED;
  • Business plan strategy advisory;
  • Drafting of company Memorandum of Association;
  • Registration of Trade Name and securing of Initial Approval;
  • Visa assistance for investors and employees;
  • VAT advisory and compliance for VAT registration, implementation, and return filing;
  • Guidance and support for e-channel registration;
  • Obtain approvals from government authorities;
  • Accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Audit and assurance services

As of the moment, the Emirate has five free zone areas:

  • Finance sector: Abu Dhabi Global Market;
  • Green Technology sector: Masdar City;
  • Industrial sector: Kizad;
  • Logistics sector: Abu Dhabi Airports Company;
  • Media and Communications: TWOFOUR54

A new business can opt to open its doors in any or all of these specialized areas, as well as outside the free zones, depending on the corporate plan and strategy for growth. For SMEs, entrepreneurs, and multi-national corporations looking for 100% ownership,

Business consultants in Abu Dhabi can help you register as a:

  • GCC Company branch;
  • Representative office;
  • Free Zone Company branch;
  • Foreign Company branch;
  • Civil Works Company;
  • Foreign GCC branch

Apart from the company licenses with 100% foreign ownership mentioned above, the

Business Setup specialists of Farahat & Co. can register your business as a:

  • Limited Liability Company;
  • Sole Proprietorship LLC;
  • Local Branch;
  • Sole Establishment

Farahat & Co.’s Business Setup consultants provide owners and investors seamless and tailored company formation solutions. Abu Dhabi, especially its free zone areas, offers several economic benefits for business owners and investors, including 100% capital and profits repatriation, tariff-free on imports, and no currency restrictions. Additionally, Abu Dhabi’s rate of corporate tax is currently at 0%.

Let our in-house professionals help you access your business potential with our renowned Business Setup solutions. Our experts will guide you as you legally establish a new business or open a new branch. Farahat & Co. facilitates all legalities and procedures that are involved in the establishment and maintenance of commercial entities in Abu Dhabi, from Commercial Registration and selection of licensing and permits to visa processing.

Having assisted thousands of companies over the years, our team of Business Setup specialists enables businesses in capitalizing on Abu Dhabi’s prosperous economy.

For more information on business setup in Abu Dhabi, contact us to book a no-obligation consultation with our specialists. 

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Benefits of Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Aside from being the most organized and planned business centre in the UAE, there are other reasons why investors and business owners choose a free zone or  LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi, and they are as follows:

  • Flexibility in doing business in all parts of the UAE, as well as with local and national government authorities;
  • Business premises can be anywhere in the Emirate;
  • Fewer nationality restrictions related to visa issuance and company ownership in comparison to other jurisdictions;
  • Offers several different options on services and business activities