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Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zones

The free zone areas of Abu Dhabi gained the attention of investors and entrepreneurs as they offer a number of benefits for business setup, including exclusion from re-export duties, exemption from corporate and income tax, zero capital requirement, and 100% repatriation of capital and profits amongst others. Nonetheless, the foundation of a successful business venture lies with a sound and reliable Abu Dhabi free zone business setup.

Farahat & Co.’s trusted business specialists will help with every facet of company formation, including the selection of a UAE-recognized corporate structure best suited for your business activities, and the identification and implementation of the best approach for your business setup.

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Abu Dhabi Free Zones Company Formation

As the leading free zone business setup provider, our experts can tailor our services to your specific needs. Our Abu Dhabi free zone business setup service covers a range of solutions, crucial in the completion of a company formation, and they are as follows:

Expert advisory on the right business entity to establish

Investors and entrepreneurs planning to establish enterprises within Abu Dhabi free zones must choose to register the correct business entity as it affects several different aspects of a business, including ownership structure, tax implications, hiring and financing, and corporate decision making. Our experts will ensure you have a full grasp of the critical differences between all kinds of business entities recognized in the city’s free zone areas.

Selection of license/permit based on your business activity or service(s)

Your services or business activities determine the type of trading license you’re eligible to acquire to operate in a specific free zone. As Abu Dhabi has strict guidelines on activities and services that are permitted to be carried out under different kinds of licenses, our experienced business experts will ensure you acquire the correct license(s) and operate in the right industry-specific zone(s) in Abu Dhabi, helping you hasten the commencement of your business operations.

Trade name selection and registration

Our business setup advisory team will help ensure your trade name does not infringe on any intellectual property rights. We’ll also review your trade name for possible use of blasphemous language, and/or political or religious reference.

Visa processing

There are different kinds of visas issued to corporate entities, depending on size and type of facility, scale of operation, and business activity or service being undertaken. Our business setup solutions include visa assistance to help ensure you’re issued the correct visa and operate in accordance with the country’s laws and regulations related to capital, investment, and employment.

Our Commitments

Farahat & Co. has in-house experts that specialize in Abu Dhabi free zone business setup. Our business specialists can help you establish a business presence within Abu Dhabi’s commercial zones with ease while enjoying huge tax savings.

If you need professional assistance for the visa, licensing, registration, and banking prerequisites for company formation in Abu Dhabi free zone, give us a call as we’ll ensure we you get expert guidance and the full attention of our qualified Business Setup Consultants in Abu Dhabi.

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