Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Masdar City Free Zone

Business Formation in Abu Dhabi Masdar City

Masdar is a free zone and a subsidiary that is exclusively owned by the Abu Dhabi Government. It is known to be about energy and sustainable technologies. This free zone was established in 2006 and it has been focusing on meeting the needs and requirements of businessmen for their companies.

Efforts to Make Abu Dhabi an Excellent Choice

For many years, it remains to stay on its course in making Abu Dhabi a leader in renewable energy and clean technology. People regard Masdar City as among the world’s exhilarating eco-developments because of what it offers and what it wishes to accomplish as a free zone. One of the benefits that it poses is the fact that is close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and a few kilometers away from downtown Abu Dhabi.

Best Free Zone for R&D Partnerships

The fDi Magazine, a leading foreign direct investment publication recognized Masdar Free Zone as the 2016 Best Free Zone for R&D Partnerships. It is also distinguished as one of the Best Middle East Free Zones for Start Ups and Large Companies.

Business Setup Consultants in Masdar City

Many perceive Masdar City as an open door for opportunities. In conducting a business setup in UAE, there are specific procedures to follow depending on which authority you are looking to setup your company in Masdar city freezone. This is why there are business setup consultants in UAE that are willing to help you wherever you are. From these people, there are those who focus specifically on different locations. There are business setup consultants in Masdar City that are knowledgeable about the said free zone, and there are those who are well-informed with all locations in the country that they can help you to choose which one best fits your company with information and data so you can decide on your own.

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