Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones

Enlist the help of our qualified experts in establishing an enterprise in the free trade zones of Dubai.

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Business Setup in Ajman Free Zones

Get expert advice from our business consultants on the crucial aspects related to Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone.

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RAK Free Trade Zone

Enjoy tax exemptions, unmatched facilities, and flexible government policies with RAK Free Trade Zone Business Setup.

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Company Formation Abu Dhabi

Our company formation solutions include company registration, processing of paperwork, and trademark registration.

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Payroll Services

Maintain accurate records and satisfy governmental obligations with our Payroll Services.

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Trademark Registration

Get expert guidance and support on all trademark, intellectual property, and brand protection matters.

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UAE Business Setup Services

Our expertise helps ensure full compliance of proper regulations for offshore company formation in UAE.

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UAE business setup cost includes a registration fee, renewal fee, and miscellaneous expenditures.

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Our tax experts can help you understand and stay fully compliant with UAE tax legislation to avoid incurring penalties.

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Skip unnecessary bureaucratic hassle and red tape with the help of our DMCC company formation consultants.

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Mitigate the challenges associated in partnering with a UAE business sponsor with our business setup solutions.

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Expert assistance for visa applications, company trade licensing, labor card processing, and government approvals.

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UAE Company Formation Services

UAE Mainland Business Setup

UAE Mainland Company Formation Services

To operate in the UAE, there’s a need to be confident that the business is fully compliant with local policies and regulations. Whether you’re an entrepreneur planning of starting an enterprise or a multinational corporation looking at expanding by establishing a UAE subsidiary, you need experts that can ensure statutory compliance and a successful company formation.

Our experts have in-depth understanding on the tedious process and documentation required in completing business setup not just successfully, but promptly at the same time. Our affiliation with regulatory bodies gives businesses a competitive edge in operating and thriving in UAE. 

Business setup in Dubai

Dubai has established itself as the country’s most sought-after destination for business setup.  A hotbed for lucrative business opportunities, the emirate has seen a surge in local and foreign investors seeking to benefit from its strong economy, financial stability, world-class infrastructure, tax-free business environment, economic diversity, and proficient workforce.

Additionally, Dubai is strategically located between the other UAE emirates. There are thousands of flights weekly to and from Dubai and it provides easy access to the Middle East and the GCC’s markets. All these factors and more make it attractive for entrepreneurs. However, business setup in Dubai is not as smooth and simple without the guidance of experts.

How to Form a Company in Dubai

  • Formulate a business plan - when starting a business, most especially in a foreign territory, it is necessary to seek the guidance of our business setup specialists in Dubai as they can provide invaluable advice, address key issues and highlight important points not just for business setup but also for achieving the goals of the business.
  • Decide on a corporate structure - several corporate structures are recognized in Dubai. Choosing a corporate structure to register isn't a decision that's to be taken lightly. Depending on the nature of the business, the capital allocated, and the personal liability shareholders plan on retaining, our business setup consultants can guide you in making the right decision. We’ll ensure you consider the advantages and disadvantages of several different business entities.
  • Submit required legal documentation for Dubai business setup - based on the business' legal form or corporate structure, there might be the need to create a Memorandum of Association. For Dubai mainland businesses, there is also the need to partner with a Local Service Agent or UAE national. Other requirements include leasing agreement, corporate bank account, and board resolution for incorporation. Our business setup consultants provide assistance in fulfilling all requirements for business setup in Dubai and manage the submission of legal documents for government approvals.
  • Seek approvals of government authorities – our business setup consultants in Dubai help businesses get permissions and licenses granted. Government agencies that have to be dealt with may or may not include the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs, the Department of Economic Development, Roads & Transport Authority, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Interior. At FAR Consulting Middle East, seeking the approvals of relevant authorities is easy on the part of business owners from our long-standing government affiliations.

Instead of going through this time-consuming, tedious process, let our specialists on business setup in UAE take off this huge burden from you and make the entire endeavor a more enjoyable and exciting experience. We provide advice and consultancy on the structure that suits your company’s current and future goals; assistance in the processing of visas, emirates ID, and permits of shareholders and dependents; assemble files, draft documents, manage submissions, legalizations, notarizations, and translations; set up corporate bank accounts; and seek approvals from ministries and government agencies. Our experts are knowledgeable on the fundamentals of business setup in Dubai. Rely on our specialists to get Dubai company formation right the first time.

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

As the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi’s booming economy offers a great opportunity for business setup. However, company formation in Abu Dhabi is rather complex. The firm can handle all the critical aspects that are associated with business setup in Abu Dhabi mainland. Our goal is to provide you all the resources and support you need to complete the process in as little time as possible.

Business Setup in Sharjah

Sharjah has emerged to be one of the top destinations for investment over the past decade and it’s undoubtedly an excellent idea to establish in its fast-growing market. Business setup in Sharjah, however, can turn to a nightmare without help in navigating through the legal formalities involved. We provide clients with assistance throughout the process from securing of government agencies’ approvals to opening of your company’s bank account. We aim to help you avoid financial loss which results from an application being rejected for errors in the processing.

Business Setup in Fujairah

We also help investors establish businesses in Fujairah. Our team for business setup in Fujairah has expertise that extends to all industries thriving in the emirate. As we keep ourselves updated on the latest business affairs, we help you form your company with full regulatory compliance in mind.

Business Setup in Ras al Khaimah

FAR Consulting Middle East prides itself in having a proficient team that is diligent in providing clients with quality solutions for business setup in Ras al Khaimah (RAK) mainland. We are here you take you through each step accurately to launch your business in the emirate.

Business Setup in Ajman

Ajman is welcoming to investors, foreign and local alike, who are seeking to establish their business presence within the emirate. With an unrivalled local experience and strong regional knowledge, FAR Consulting Middle East is in the best position to help businesses establish onshore companies in Ajman. Our business setup in Ajman includes guidance throughout the company formation process.

Business Setup in Umm al Quwain

Umm al Quwain has proved to be capable of sustaining economic prosperity and it has encouraged competitiveness while ensuring the community’s welfare. Here at FAR Consulting Middle East, we assist individuals and corporations in taking advantage of the emirate’s local markets by simplifying mainland company formation processes.

Our business setup team in Umm al Quwain offers expert advisory on business entities most suited to register depending on activities and services offered; selection and processing of trade licenses and permits, seeking the approvals of relevant ministries, visa processing, and trade name registration and/or selection.

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UAE Free Zone Business Setup

FAR Consulting Middle East offers support and guidance throughout the entire process of business setup in UAE. With decades of experience and a team of seasoned business setup specialists, clients rest assured that they are in the hands of the experts. The firm believes in seeing each project through, so we offer a complete array of pre- to post-business setup solutions with an unparalleled quality of service.

Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone

A number of investors are looking into business setup in Dubai free zones as it offers lucrative incentives, easy incorporation, 100% ownership, and minimal customs duties. There are also several different free zone companies that local and foreign investors can establish namely free zone establishment, free zone company, and representative office. Take note that there are thirty different free zones in Dubai and each Dubai free zone has a different set of policies.

FAR Consulting Middle East has a team of professionals experienced in navigating the complexities associated with business setup in Dubai free zones. We won't just help ensure you enjoy huge tax savings, but also establish your business within the appropriate Dubai free zone.

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Abu Dhabi free zones offer investors various incentives for company formation. Apart from exemption from tax on corporate and personal income, business owners can retain full company ownership as they are not mandated to partner with UAE nationals. Other benefits of business setup in Abu Dhabi free zones include a more simplified company formation process and ability to repatriate capital and profits of businesses.

However, business setup in any of the free zones of Abu Dhabi requires comprehensive decision making and business planning to ensure the necessary formalities involved in the process are being addressed. FAR Consulting Middle East has local experts that are fully aware of the registration and licensing requirements and legal procedures to form your company and establish in any free zone (Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Twofour54, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, etc.).

Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zone

Sharjah's free zones provide a viable area for conducting businesses. Regulatory authorities of Sharjah free zones also support businesses in their jurisdictions by the issuance of several different types of business trade licenses. If you want to take the first step in starting a new venture, FAR Consulting Middle East will help you get familiar with the process on how to setup a business in Sharjah free zones.

Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zone

We here at FAR Consulting Middle East also provide tailored solutions to meet the requirements of our clients for business setup in Fujairah. We help in the company formation process by handling the banking, visa, licensing, residential, registration, and leasing prerequisites of regulatory authorities of Fujairah Free Zone and Fujairah Creative City. 

Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

The business setup specialists at FAR Consulting Middle East manage all crucial matters related to company formation in Ajman Free Zone and Ajman Media City. Their expertise comes in handy when dealing with legal formalities and red tape associated with Ajman free zone business setup. Expect to receive assistance for a smooth and successful registration and licensing process.

Business Setup in Umm al Quwain Free Zone

Having completed thousands of incorporations and registrations across different business sectors, our in-house professionals are capable of giving your business a head start. We provide assistance in processing applicable permits and licenses for businesses and facilitate the other aspects of company formation in Umm al Quwain Free Zone.

Business setup in Ras al Khaimah Free Zone

FAR Consulting Middle East provides solutions for business setup in Ras al Khaimah free zones, including RAK Investment Authority, RAK Media Free Zone, and RAK Free Trade Zone. Our solutions consist the drafting/review and submission of requirements, advisory on corporate structure to set up, and coordination with free zone authorities for a successful business registration or incorporation.

Call us for a free initial consultation with our business setup experts.

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UAE Offshore Business Setup

Undertaking banking transactions and conducting business under a offshore company, which is a legal entity in UAE, provides several advantages, including privacy and confidentiality. Assets of offshore companies also have a strong layer

JAFZA Offshore Company Formation

FAR Consulting Middle East provides a comprehensive solution for JAFZA offshore company formation. We help applicants in the filing of application, which involves the furnishing of the following documents:

  • Applicant's Personal Profile or CV
  • Passport Copy (passport must be valid for at least 6 months)
  • Proof of residence
  • Bank of reference
  • Legal corporate documents

Apart from the submission of application/registration to the Registrar, we can also have Memorandum and Articles of Association attested as per regulations.

Ras al Khaimah Offshore Company Formation

Investors who want to incorporate in the UAE but don't plan on conducting business in the local markets also have the option of Ras al Khaimah offshore company formation. As with JAFZA offshore company formation, an offshore company in Ras al Khaimah enjoys asset protection and minimal corporate tax liabilities. However, the business setup costs less. Call us today to discuss your specific needs with our RAK Offshore company formation team.

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Other Services

PRO and HR Services

FAR Consulting Middle East also offers clients help in dealing with regulatory agencies for labor contracts, license renewals, emirates IDs, license amendments, medical tests, visas, and more. Our PRO officers manage documentation required by ministries in setting up businesses, getting documents attested and legalized, and renewing or acquiring trade licenses. 

For visas, our PRO and HR services include the procurement of employment visas, partner visas, and family visas in UAE. Our professionals are well-versed in UAE visa processing and keep themselves up-to-date with changes in procedures and policies to offer effective and reliable solutions.

Bank Account Opening

We help new and established businesses open corporate bank accounts in UAE. Our strong relationships with major banks in the country benefit our clients from the compilation and review of paperwork to meeting the requirements of clients’ preferred banking institutions.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing

Running the payroll of a company in-house is a challenge, especially for growing businesses, which is why FAR Consulting Middle East provides SMEs and MNCs solutions for payroll management. Our payroll and HR service includes depositing of funds directly to accounts of staff, collection of hour and wage information of employees, calculation of gross wages, administering of employee benefits, and subtracting pertinent deductions and withholdings.

Trademark Registration

A trademark protects brands and provides a distinction between products and services. As it is crucial for any business, our experts will take you through the process of trademark registration in UAE. Our trademark specialists assist individuals and businesses properly to protect their marks and give them exclusive rights to their use while preventing others from using such for similar businesses.

Trademark Watch

Our trademark watch service helps ensure brands and marks stay unique with no similar/identical marks being registered in domestic and foreign markets. The trademark specialists of the firm inform clients of any potential threat to their brands at the earliest stage (often when trademark applications are filed). We also advise on protective measures that may be taken for the registration/unauthorized use of your mark.

Trademark Search

As for our trademark search, we determine the uniqueness of proposed marks to prevent filing an application for a similar or identical trademark. We do so by scouring existing trademark databases. Our trademark search specialists are thorough in assessing the viability of trademark registration across several jurisdictions and languages. Our team’s approach includes considering a mark’s nature, the good(s) or service(s) that it covers, allocation of resources of the applicant, and timeline for bringing a mark to commerce.


FAR Consulting Middle East offers expert assistance in the financial aspects of businesses from tracking of revenues and expenses and preparation of VAT returns to perfecting financial services and producing financial records. Our licensed accountants also provide business consulting, business valuation services, and forensic accounting for businesses facing fraud and other issues.

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