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Business Setup In Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

Business Formation in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp is one of Abu Dhabi free trade zones, established in 2004 by the government of Abu Dhabi. The purpose-built economic zones, such as the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Industrial City, are owned by Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp. This makes them the largest operator of those kinds of zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Adding to this, they have ongoing projects. Rahayel and ZonesCorp Prefab Warehousing and SMEs Factories are under development to cater more industries and business types.

The facilities, utilities, logistics, advanced communications, and residential cities are considered to be state of the art, giving encouragement to the businessmen that business setup in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi does not take them long as it takes only a few weeks. Because of this, Abu Dhabi international companies are swarming the place, such as construction companies in Abu Dhabi, engineering companies in Abu Dhabi, and more.

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  • Following industries you can setup in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

    We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

  • Benefits of Business Setup in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

    Similar to other free zone companies in Abu Dhabi, there are a number of advantages that come with carrying out a company formation in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi as well. However, just like other places, there are distinct benefits that they offer than other Abu Dhabi free trade zones.

    For more than 10 years, this free zone has been standing the test of time and has been improving to help the economy of Abu Dhabi even more. The advantages below are just some of the things that they offer when you decide to conduct a company setup in Abu Dhabi with them.

    World Class Infrastructure: The big amount of investment that ZonesCorp has put into their projects has exceeded the expectations of business owners from around the world. The sectors that are allowed in this free zone will have their needs met and find that the free zone is shaped to have the requirements that are necessary for the sectors.

    Excellent Business Environment: The infrastructure solutions of this free zone and the environment that helps the businesses to operate effectively encourages businessmen that this free zone suits them best. The leasing rates are even competitive and the utilities are supplied continuously for proper operations.

    Strategic Locations: Location is always important when it comes to doing business. ZonesCorp is closed to transport links, residential areas, essential services, and logistic facilities that greatly aids companies in being cost-effective and in having easy access as well.

  • Business Setup Requirements & Procedure

    Basic legal documentation necessary for Business Registration in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi

    • Certificate of tradename reservation
    • Initial Approval from Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Authority
    • Passports of stakeholders (copies)
    • General manager’s passport (copy) and CV
    • Office leasing agreement
    • Personal information sheet – shareholders and general manager
    • Power of Attorney – for appointment of business’ legal representative

    For a Free Zone Limited Liability Company or a representative office, there are additional requirements such as:

    • Legal corporate documentation, incl. Memorandum of Association or Article of Association
    • Certificate of company registration (if applicable)
    • Board resolution stating company’s intent to setup business in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

    The procedure of processing your business setup in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi will range from 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Support Services Offered in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

    FAR Consulting Middle East is one of the leading consulting companies in Abu Dhabi that deals with company formation Abu Dhabi and other things that a firm may need. We assist people who have questions about how to start a business in Abu Dhabi and anything that they are keen to know.

    As your business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi, Our Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp business setup service includes:

    • Application for company registration
    • Opening of account from the Ministry of Labor
    • Account opening from UAE Immigration
    • Acquiring a company address
    • Business setup required documents processing

    Our service covers all the crucial aspects of Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp business setup. If you queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Business Setup Cost in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

    Below is the estimated cost of your company formation in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi, which includes the commercial license Abu Dhabi. You can contact us for further information regarding this table of estimation.

    Company Setup Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp
    Table of Estimated Government Cost and Professional Fees
    Trade License Option/ActivityCost in USDCost in AED
    Industrial License2,0547,500
    Commercial License
    Specific Trading2,0547,500
    Oil & Gas2,73910,000
    Real Estate4,10915,000
    General Trading License4,10915,000
    Service License
    Specific Services2,0547,500
    Oil & Gas2,73910,000
    Freight Forwarding2,3288,500
    Real Estate4,10915,000
    Our Firm’s Professional Fees5,00018,365


    All fees for government and related authorities are an estimation only. The exact government fees will be determined at the time of submission of the applications. We are obligated to provide our clients with all receipts of government and related agencies against the amount that will be paid. Every amount that will expense for your business registration will be supported by documents. In case of shortage, the client has to repay us. In case of excess, we have to refund the client.

    Our professional fee covers consultation, drafting of legal documents, introducing reliable local citizen service-agent when required, assisting in document notarization from the local notary public, assisting in local bank account opening, and applying to the concerned authorities on your behalf.