Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Operating for less than a decade, Abu Dhabi Global Market has already garnered the respect and praise of the global finance community for its efforts in differentiating itself through unique business setup offerings and incentives. With the recent conclusion of the FinTech summit, attended by hundreds of international Financial Technology personalities; and collaborations with Mastercard, Al Ansari, and Temenos, ADGM has become the most desirable hub for business setup in UAE.

The international financial center offers investors a dynamic, integrated business environment. Multinational corporations establish themselves within the free zone, while new startups and investors view business setup in ADGM as a rare opportunity to be at par with more established firms.

Businesses enjoy the following when operating in Abu Dhabi Global Market:

  • Full company ownership – applicable to local and foreign investors;
  • No currency restrictions – ADGM Authority does not impose foreign exchange controls to companies, allowing residents and non-residents to trade, exchange, and operate in all currencies;
  • Capital & profit repatriation – ADGM Authority also allows foreign subsidiaries to return earnings and capital to parent companies registered and operating in other countries;
  • Skilled labor and workforce – being a free trade zone in the region’s capital, qualified professionals prefer to work with businesses in ADGM;
  • Multiple visa options – ADGM Authority provides multiple visa options for shareholders, directors, and their dependents;
  • World class facilities - there’s no supply shortage for facilities required by a range of businesses. Financial institutes are also offered modern communications infrastructure and high capacity networks, critical to the success of businesses.

When it comes to business setup in Abu Dhabi Global Market, FAR Consulting Middle East is the trusted name. With decades of experience providing exceptional solutions for company formation, the firm has helped setup companies and representative offices that belong to various sectors, particularly finance for asset or wealth management and private banking.

Being experts on Abu Dhabi Global Market business setup, the firm helps ensure businesses are compliant with the regulations and policies set by the Registration Authority and ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority. We also provide representation on your behalf on ADGM Courts in the event of commercial and civil disputes.

Our business setup team can assist in the formation of a range of business entities, including Partnership Firms and Branches or Representative Offices of Local/Foreign Companies.

Special Purpose Vehicles

As ADGM company laws largely mirror UK 2006 Companies Act, Abu Dhabi Global Market also permits the registration and formation of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), such as Restricted Scope Companies (RSCs) and Private Companies Limited by Shares.

Our team specializing in SPVs help startups and corporations isolate legal and financial risk by ring-fencing company assets and liabilities. The SPVs we can register include joint venture vehicles, shelf SPVs, and subsidiaries to ensure only assets related to specific transactions are exposed to associated liabilities.

FAR Consulting Middle East helps clients setup SPVs for various purposes including:

  • Real estate investments – clients of the firm make use of SPVs for real statement investments as they can be used in acquiring titles of actual properties while limiting recourse of lenders. Also, the sale of SPVs for real estate result in lower transaction fees and taxes compared to the traditional transfer of assets.
  • Securitization – we’ve helped numerous clients securitize loans and other receivables by creating SPVs, authorized in the purchase of assets through the issuance of debt that’s secured on the underlying assets.
  • Financing – SPVs can be used in securing certain investments by permitting financing without increasing existing debt levels of parent companies or exposing assets of parent firms.
  • Asset transfer – we’ve assisted clients in utilizing SPVs for the transfer of assets that’s in conjunction with a material agreement.
  • Intellectual property – SPVs can also be used in separating intellectual properties into separate structures that have minimal liabilities. Most of our clients utilize SPVs to enter into licensing agreements and/or raise funds.
  • Raising capital – the vehicles we setup can be used in raising capital with the use of SPV collateral instead of parent companies’ credit ratings.

For a well-structured, cost-effective, and flexible Abu Dhabi Global Market business setup, seek the help of our experts. Although the free zone is an attractive location for company formation, businesses undergo strict company formation processes as several government authorities review applications thoroughly to ensure they are in line with the ADGM Authority's initiatives.

Also, the Registration Authority requires businesses to submit applications for the issuance of the correct licenses. The business setup team of FAR Consulting Middle East can ensure compliance and reduce lengthy regulatory procedures. Our experts also provide bespoke business setup advisory to ensure businesses conform to regional and international corporate norms.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs and requirements with our Abu Dhabi Global Market business setup team!

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