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Seven benefits of having an outsourced accounting services Dubai

an outsourced accounting services Dubai

In the past few years, outsourced accounting services in the UAE have grown tremendously. There are several types of trade licenses issues such as freelancer licenses, free zone licenses, offshore company licenses, and each of these companies has to comply with the accounting and bookkeeping standards of the UAE. The introduction of VAT and excise tax has furthermore complicated the accounting procedures. If there are no internal control measures and internal audits, the business may face penalties and risk its reputation. Hiring and training employees is now a thing of the past. Outsourced accounting services provide much more benefits. Read on to know more.


  • Lower your headcount budget

Due to economic uncertainties and budget cuts, companies wish to lower their administration expenses. Outsourcing accounting services can be an operational expense by not increasing your headcount budget. You can still have a fully functional accounting department with outsourced accounting services in UAE without actually hiring an accountant on the payroll. You can hire qualified accountants for a certain period or even long-term contracts. 

  • Access to Accounting and bookkeeping expertise in Dubai or UAE

Several companies in Dubai offer accounting and bookkeeping services Dubai. They hire the right candidate for your accounting requirement. FAR Consulting Middle East is one such accounting firm that helps you with accurate bookkeeping services in Dubai and other Emirates. You can select the candidates of your preference as accounting services in Dubai are growing, and several companies seek these services to keep their accounting books clean. The introduction of Tax has made it even more essential to accurately emphasize the recording of transactions. Outsourced accounting service ensures that the candidate of your choice is already experienced in the same field, so you do not have to spend extra hours training them.

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  • Employee time-off and Vacations

Outsourcing accounting services will help you avoid employee time-off. In the UAE, unlike other countries, employees take a month-long vacation. During vacation or sick leave, you need to train other staff and burden them with extra work. With a more extensive finance department, the number of people is exhausting to complete the additional tasks added to the regular functions. There can be a glitch in the everyday smooth functioning of the department and even affect the accuracy. When you get outsourced accounting services, the hired company will ensure that the employee is replaced with an equally qualified one, so there is no disruption in your department’s smooth functioning.

  • Managing the workload more efficiently

During economic circumstances like covid, businesses slow down and sometimes force companies to lay off people. There is a considerable cost for payouts for the company in this case. With outsourced companies, you can increase the headcounts required during peak seasons and reduce the same when the business is back to normal. There is more flexibility in the way you can manage your allocated budget for such expenses.

  • Reduce hiring costs

If you are looking to hire the right Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant or even an accounting professional, the cost of hiring is relatively high. Outsourced companies already have qualified accountants in their employee pool, and it reduces the time required to hire the right accounting candidate and even its costs.

  • Meeting the compliance requirement

Hiring from an outsourced company, you know you can get the expertise you need in Finance and accounting. Most of the hires from specialized accounting outsourcing companies are well versed with the latest in FTA regularities and the latest in the industry. You can seek accounting services and consultancy services from them as they provide you with their eye view of your accounting department’s process and functioning. Since the outsourced staff have experience working in various establishments, they are well-versed in best practices and industry standards.

  • Reducing fraud and government penalties

You are covered by insurance and guaranteed by the outsourced company when outsourced accounting staff. Any fraud within the department can be reported without any biased view. When it comes to government penalties, accountants must avoid government fines, especially those related to late payment fees, reporting errors, and data manipulation. 

Outsourcing Accounting Services

Automation in accounting and cost efficiency has increased the expectations from the accounting department. If you are juggling running your business and keeping up with the financial reporting, you should consider outsourcing your accounting services. We have a team of qualified accountants who are experts in handling complex and time consuming financial reporting and bookkeeping. our experienced Chartered accountants and CPAs help companies like yours to conduct internal audits and risk management. Click here to read about the outsource accounting services provided by FAR Consulting Middle East.