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How to Start A Business in Sharjah | Business Setup in Sharjah

Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE | Cost, Procedure and Benefits

Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE and Cos

When it comes to protecting intellectual property, registration for a trademark is a crucial step. A trademark registration ensures that your brand name and identity, are legally protected, giving you exclusive rights to use them in the market. The process of UAE trademark registration is well-defined and designed to safeguard the interests of businesses and … Read more

Trademark Registration for a New Brand

company registration in dubai

In this rapidly developing world, it has become quite a concern for the people to not let their name get copied. This is why the trademark registration in UAE has been given huge importance to spare the trademarks of companies from getting copied and to protect Intellectual Property Dubai, UAE. What is a Trademark? The … Read more

Most Common Misconceptions on Offshore Companies

Many business owners believe in several misconceptions on offshore companies, which are preventing them from setting up offshore corporations and benefitting from them. These mistaken beliefs they have acquired can cost them even more money, preventing them from conducting businesses freely. If you have thought about offshore company formation in Dubai or setting up an … Read more

Kiklabb Free Zone: What is Business Setup?

Kiklabb Free Zone company Setup

Business setup, also commonly referred to as company formation, is a process wherein a business is registered legally with the authority. It’s also referred to as company registration or incorporation. The business that is being registered is one that has not initiated business activities or an existing organization that is restructured. The process involved with … Read more