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Importance of Registering Brand in UAE

brand registration

Brand registration in UAE is one of the most vital elements for your business. Most businesses are aware of their brand or branding and rightly see it as their corporate image, but often do not realize the consequence if the brand name is not registered, in order to protect the brand, it should be properly registered.

Brands that require registration

Any mark can be a name, word, signature, letter, figure, drawing, symbol, title, tax stamp, seal, image, advertisement, pack or any other brands that intends to use for some commercial purpose.

Importance of Brand Registration

Exclusive ownership: Brandmark registration is a significant part of company in UAE. It ensures that the said company reserve the right to exclusively use the intellectual property. It provides with guarantee to use the mark and exclusive entitlement to hold it.

Legal protection: It safe guards the company from a potential infringement of the brandmark. UAE brand mark registration authority makes it certain that the brand mark is protected with an owner ship rights and securing it from duplicity.

Who can Register a Brandmark in UAE?

Following are the persons who can register their brandmark in UAE:

  • UAE citizens natural or artificial person practicing any commercial, industrial, professional or any other services.
  • Foreigners citizens natural or artificial person practicing any commercial, industrial, professional or any other services.
  • Other artificial persons

General Procedures for Registering Brandmark:

Registering your brandmark in the UAE is a relatively simple process. The following procedures will give you an overview of what the process involves:

Research existing brandmarks: application for initial search must be submitted to brandmark registration office. Initial investigation will be conducted who will examine the application and check if the brand was registered before or not

Application: if the brandmark has not been registered before, an application with all required documents including the image of targeted brand will be filed and the fees must be paid.

Approval by registrar: once approved and accepted by registrar the brandmark will be published in two local newspapers and the brand mark journal.

Opposition: if there are any opposition to the registration brand mark ,the opponent may file a notice against the published brand brank within certain period.

 Review: The registrar will make a decision regarding the opposition to registrar of brandmark. The registrar’s decision can be appealed and can be challenged in court of law.

Issuance of certificate: If there are no credible opposition to the registration of brand mark then the brandmark is registered and certificate is issued.

Renewal of Trademark

A renewal application can be submitted and applicable fees paid just before the expiry of brandmark. Late submission of application for renewal of brandmark can also be filed with a fine and a grace period is allowed after the expiry. Once the renewal application is approved, the brand is again published in at least two local newspapers and the brandmark Journal and the same process mentioned above repeats.

Documents Required to Register Brand Mark

Following are few documents required to registered a brand mark

  • Application form
  • Sample of brand mark design
  • Contact details of applicant
  • List of goods and services that may need protection

Cost of registering brand mark:

Costs involved in registering a brandmark are

  • Initial search cost
  • Application fees
  • Publication cost
  • Final registration cost
  • Government cost

Penalties for Infringing Registered Brandmark

Any person who infringes registered brandmark charged with a penalty for infringement. If you find that any third party is imitating your brandmark then you may choose to take the help of professional experts who can guide you accordingly about the penalties charged for infringement.

Brandmark Registration Assistance:

FAR consulting middle east stands as one of the best business consultants in UAE providing the company with best services around the world. Our brand mark experts will understand your business and provide with tailored solutions accordingly. They hold industry experience in understanding the legal laws and will guide you in the registration process. If you have any doubt or want o avail brandmark services contact us for further consultation.