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Guide on Changing the Name of Your UAE Company

UAE businesses are able to change their names as per their discretion. However, the name change for a company has to be done as per procedures and regulations stated in the UAE Companies Law. In UAE, the law prescribes that name changes are to be approved by all stakeholders with the approval of relevant authorities. 

Changing the Name of Your UAE Company

Usually, businesses go for a name change either from government order, to reflect the company’s new brand, and/or change in the activities of the business.

Requirements for changing a UAE company name 

The basic documents that are required in changing the name of a UAE company are the following:

  • Company’s memorandum of association 
  • Company articles of association 
  • The certificate of incorporation 
  • General meeting documents such as notice for the general meeting together with an explanatory statement, attendance sheet of the general meeting, and minutes of the general meeting as well as copies of the resolution to change the name of the UAE company
  • Trademark filing or a registration certificate for the brand new name of the business 
  • Trademark filing or registration certificate, including no objection certificate (NOC) for the use of the new trademark, if applicable 
  • Approvals from the regulatory authorities
  • Board meeting documents such as notice for the board meeting, attendance sheet from the board meeting, minutes of the board meeting as well as copies of the resolution for the changing of UAE company name
  • Approval from shareholders 
  • Name approval from the UAE Economic Department 

How to Change Company Legal Name in the UAE

Process of UAE Company Name Change 

Creation of board resolution for the changing of a company name 

The company that wants to change its trade name is required in conducting a board meeting. A board resolution has to be passed with the board meeting to consider the requirement of a change of company name. The resolution has to provide authorization to an expert that will be filing the application to ascertain the proposed company name is in use or not. Additionally, a resolution in convening special general meetings for taking the approval of shareholders for the company name change and making amendments to the Articles and Memorandum of Association shall be passed during the same general meeting.

Checking the new company name’s availability with the MOE 

After passing a board resolution stating the approval of directors for the name change, authorized person(s) will then make an application with the authorities in order to check the proposed company name’s availability. The proposed name has to be unique. It also has to be in accordance with the guidelines set by the authorities. 

Shareholder’s special resolution

As soon as the proposed name of the company has the approval from the authorities, a special general meeting will be required from the company in order to obtain the approval of the shareholders. A special resolution has to be produced for the changing of name, as well as the alteration to the Memorandum and Articles of Association. 

Filing of application and resolution for name change approval  

After passing a special resolution from the company’s stakeholders, the special resolution will be brought together with the approval application for change of company name in UAE. The prescribed fees should also be settled.

Obtaining an updated certificate of incorporation 

As soon as the application for company name change has been completed, the local authorities will be verifying the same. They will also be issuing the business an updated version of the certificate of incorporation. Your new company name will be effective as soon as the certificate of incorporation with the new company name has been issued. 

Incorporation of the new changes to the company documents 

Subsequent to the authorities’ issuance of an updated certificate of incorporation for the business, a company that’s changing its name is also required in taking other steps. These steps are necessary for the incorporation of the new name into business documents. This includes the Articles and Memorandum of Association. 

A company has to print, affix or paint, along with its brand new name, the names that were changed from the previous two years on the place in which it is carrying the business operations. This should also be in letter papers, business letters, and other publications of the company.

Seeking the help of professionals 

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