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How to Choose the Best Payroll Outsourcing Firm in UAE

Payroll Outsourcing Firm in UAE

Hiring a payroll outsourcing firm in UAE is a very crucial decision that needs to be carefully evaluated. If done right, an outsourced payroll service in UAE will alleviate the burden of processing payroll from a business and begin a partnership which results in lower costs and greater efficiency. In order to choose the best payroll processing service provider, here are the top seven qualities you should look out for:

  • High Accountability – reputable firms for outsourced payroll in UAE hold themselves accountable when there are errors in the payroll calculations. They are also quick in fixing errors when they happen. The service provider that you choose should have a built-in system for checking errors in order to catch mistakes prior to pay stubs being given out and money transferred onto the accounts of employees. 
  • Full Compliance – a service provider should follow the best practices in the industry in order to not only maintain full compliance for their business but also to ensure your company follows payroll-related tax and employment legislation. According to several studies, thirty percent of businesses that process their own payroll are faced with surprise audits from the local authorities and paid penalties and fines for violations that happened while processing payroll. A payroll service has to have stringent checks in order to avoid penalties and audits. 
  • Online Data Transfer – when a weekly transfer of all key data related to pay becomes a chore for your business and the entire process bogs it down, then this defeats the entire purpose of payroll outsourcing in UAE. A good payroll service provider makes it incredibly easy for businesses to transfer all the information that is necessary for processing payroll. Online systems that are accessible via web interface would be ideal as this can eliminate the need for installing expensive software and maintaining it on company computers. 
  • Flexible Billing – a good payroll outsourcing service provider offers various fee structures. Companies often charge initial setup fees, as well as flat fees for every staff member. The flat fee can be for every payroll cycle in order to cover costs associated with executing direct deposits, issuing paystubs, and mailing live checks onto the mailboxes of individual employees. An innovative company can offer several different structures for fees like a flat annual fee for every employee and extra fees for additional services. If a business, for instance, begins in offering benefits to employees, then fees in processing the deductions for benefits will be charged aside from the standard or basic flat fee. 
  • Responsive Customer Service – with a service provider for payroll processing, a customer service representative has to be assigned to you in order to respond to your queries. Not having any customer support can be stressful to a business. It’s imperative for a payroll agency to have a quick turnaround in addressing your concerns and fixing any errors in the paychecks. The customer support team should also be quick in setting up a new account for new hires and meeting all your needs and requirements that may arise. 
  • Option of more HR-related Services – a great payroll outsourcing firm in UAE will offer you more services and advanced assistance such as conducting background checks for new hires, distributing key communications onto existing employees, as needed, and enrolling in benefits programs such as life insurance. 

Before you make the decision in hiring a particular service provider, you must check the track record of the firm first. A payroll service provider that’s only been established just recently can be a good option only if the business can provide assurance of a reliable process. The firm should have good processes in assuring service continuity. Remember that a payroll service provider will be like a partner of your business. Review all your agreements with a service provider and make sure there’s no potential for a conflict down the road. 

Advantages of payroll accounting services in UAE

Payroll Outsourcing in UAE 

At Farahat & Co, our payroll accounting service in UAE is provided by a team of seasoned CPAs. We know businesses are made of people and we make sure that they feel confident being their choice as a payroll partner. With the experience of over thirty years, we’ve been considered as one of the most reliable service providers across the UAE. We add a personal and unique touch for our valued clients, which is just among the reasons why we have built a reputation for being the top full-suite service provider of payroll processing. 

Our team knows that there’s no one solution that’s applicable for all businesses. As a result, our experts take the time in understanding the unique needs of businesses. This means our payroll solutions can be customized based on what your business deems to be suitable for it. For more information, call us today!