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What you need to know about Ejari in Dubai

ejari dubai

Ejari, which is ‘my rent’ in English, regulates Dubai’s rental market to ensure the rights and landlords and tenants. A system launched by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency or RERA, has been effectively facilitating transactions involving Dubai’s rental market. All lease or rental contracts for properties in the emirate are to be registered through Ejari. It also ensures there is transparency between landlords and tenants as it fully integrates all standing rental contracts onto the legal framework. Contracts can be renewed and revised seamlessly with Ejari.

Is there a need for Ejari registration?

Registration through Ejari is a requirement, which is mandatory for tenants and landlords. Details of the agreements which are entered into having to be reported, including the following information:

  • Details of the rental property
  • Name of the leasing or rental company
  • Details of the property landlord
  • Identification paperwork of the landlord/tenant
  • Terms of the leasing agreement

As soon as the agreement has been successfully incorporated into the Ejari system, the registration will have a unique barcode. It will act as the reference throughout a contract’s lifespan. If you have signed a leasing agreement in Dubai, then you most definitely need to follow all the steps for Ejari registration. Most businesses have their appointed professionals for business setup in Dubai handle the registration, renewal, and revision of leasing contracts on their behalf. Other processes that are connected to leasing residential and commercial properties are also mandated to go through Ejari, including the following:

  • Sponsorship of domestic staff or household members
  • Landline, television, and internet connection
  • Renewal of the residency permits of dependents
  • Processing of trade licenses
  • Acquisition of an alcohol license

Note: Ejari registration is mandatory for all tenancy transactions. It generally takes one to two days to generate or process your Ejari number. As soon as the Ejari registration is complete, expect to get an official Ejari contract. It’s comprised of the primary terms and conditions, as well as attestation acknowledging the contract has been registered with Ejari with a breakdown of the fees.

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Are there documents required to register with Ejari?

Yes, requirements for Ejari processes include:

  • Emirates ID and passport of the applicant (including copies)
  • Title deed copies for the rental property (the landlord will provide the copies)
  • Tenancy contract signed
  • Passport of the landlord (for tenant applicants, the landlord can send the passport via business setup experts in Dubai or accompany you during the Ejari processing)
  • Connection deposit receipt for a new contract
  • Recent Dewa bill if for renewal
  • Copy of trade license of business for leasing of commercial entities

Who should register with Ejari?

As mentioned earlier, both landlord and tenant of a property for lease are responsible for Ejari registration as soon as an agreement between the relevant parties has been signed before a public notary. However, for the completion of the entire process, it is the tenant who will be considered the responsible party and who will also be the one to bear the cost.

What are the fees for Ejari?

The cost of Ejari significantly varies, depending on where the application is processed. Registration, which is subject to change as per RERA’s discretion, is approximately AED 200. The registration will have to be renewed every year, including the tenancy contract.

As per the current regulations set by RERA, it’s not possible to process registration with Ejari when previous contracts haven’t been registered. If you’ve missed out on the registration of earlier tenancy contracts with Ejari, there is a need for you to accomplish the task first.

Can I cancel a previous Ejari contract?

Ejari certificates or contracts are to be canceled by the former landlord, tenant, or real estate agency. The documents don’t cancel automatically upon the expiry of the tenancy. Without following the correct cancellation process, it will result in the prevention or delay of Ejari registration and issuance of the certificate should you lease or rent another rental property.

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Why did the local government establish Ejari?

Apart from making sure that rental transactions in Dubai are both clear and transparent, a couple of other reasons justified having Ejari in place such as the following:

  • For a renter or tenant, the Ejari system is effective when it comes to helping conduct the requisite thorough background check of a rental property and the landlord. A tenant can request historical data, which allows for a better understanding of all potential arrangements.
  • There’s no room for neither tampering of documents nor fraud by either tenant or landlord. This makes all things clear when there’s contention down the line.
  • The Ejari system makes sure the tenant and landlord both enjoy a smooth relationship.
  • Ejari clamps down on unfair exploitation within Dubai’s real estate market and prevents illegal housing.

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