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Freelance License and Visa Now Offered in Ajman Free Zone

Freelancing work in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Ajman Free Zone offers countless advantages. It represents an incredibly astounding alternative to most traditional jobs. If you’re considering starting a freelance career in UAE, then read on as we’ve put up a quick guide for you on getting an Ajman free zone freelance license and visa. 

Ajman free zone freelance license

What are the Requirements for an Ajman Free Zone Freelance License?

During the process of applying for a freelance license and visa in Ajman, you will have to furnish the following documents:

  • Resume or CV 
  • Application form for a freelance license 
  • Bank reference letter 
  • Passport or visa copy
  • Sample of work or portfolio as a freelance, if applicable
  • No objection certificate issued by the UAE sponsor
  • Credentials and certificates, if applicable 

Take note: there may be additional requirements that the free zone authority will ask from an applicant as per its discretion. When an application for the AFZ freelance license is approved, the applicant will receive a notification. 

How to Start a Company in Ajman Free Zone

Who can Apply for an Ajman Free Zone Freelance License?

Professionals who can apply for an Ajman Free Zone freelance license include chief editors, audio technicians, choreographers, artists, art critics, announcers, animators, editors, actors, events managers, events coordinators, theatre directors, TV and cinema directors, correspondents, composers, light technicians, journalists, instrumentalists, program organizers, film producers, film developers, marketing coordinators, market research analysts, makeup technicians, literature critics, literary writers, news producers, news editors, musicians, music critics, motion picture photographers, social media influencers, and orchestrators among others. 

What are the Common Reasons for Getting an Ajman Free Zone Freelance License?

There are thousands of applicants for Ajman Free Zone freelance licensing, and some of the reasons why they prefer UAE freelancing over traditional jobs are the following:

  • The flexibility of hours – when working from home as a freelancer, you’re more likely to have the ability in dictating your own hours. You can also work from a remote place where you will commence work when it is most convenient for you. A freelancer that has a young kid, for instance, is able to work when the child is sleeping. A freelancer with a part-time job or traditional employment will be able to perform freelance work around the regular work hours. As hours of a freelancer are more flexible, it is possible to load up on more work for the present moment in order to have more free time later on. 
  • Control over the workload – as a freelance working in Ajman Free Zone and across UAE, you will be able to have full control over your workload. Clients’ demands can dictate your schedule but you have the option of turning away work when you have a busy schedule or accept more load during leaner times. 
  • Building an asset – when you operate and own a successful business with your freelancing, you create assets that can be sold in the future. The efforts that you put into your business can be rewarded with the present income that you are generating. Your client list, reputation, as well as other business assets, on the other hand, will provide you with additional income when you sell the business you have built. 
  • Quality of work – for freelance paralegals and fresh law school graduates, in particular, can work as freelancers. They have more fulfilling work being freelancers compared to when assigned with one corporation or law firm. In a large law firm, for instance, a professional can perform very monotonous tasks like reviewing documents while freelance attorneys have the option of getting more challenging assignments with court appearances. 
  • Autonomy – a freelancer in UAE licensed through Ajman Free Zone is highly autonomous. Because he or she is running a business, there is no one to answer to except for clients. A freelancer works on his or her own terms with rates and hours that they’ve established. 
  • National exposure – a freelancer in Ajman Free Zone is not confined geographically. This means there is no limit to serving clients. A freelancer with an Ajman Free Zone freelance license and visa can work for any client regardless of the client’s location on the planet. The international exposure will be great in opening doors not only to brand new clients but also to brand new opportunities. 
  • New skills – being a freelancer in Ajman, UAE will allow you in learning brand new skills that you may not have acquired when you are being a traditional employee. Skills can include office management, client development, sales, and marketing. You will gain knowledge in a wide range of areas, particularly in running your very own successful business.

If you are considering undergoing business setup in Ajman or plan on starting your career as a freelancer in UAE, contact the business setup experts in FAR Consulting Middle East today!