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How to Get a Social Media Influencer License in UAE

Media License for Bloggers, Influencers

Here is some news for the bloggers and influencers who are very active on social media. They will now have to get License / Permit for Social Media working according to the new law for media.

Bloggers and influencers

Nowadays people are following the bloggers and influencers just like celebrities. They do whatever these bloggers do, they use whatever these bloggers use. This shows how much people are getting influenced by these media personalities.

These personalities basically make money by promoting different brands but now they will be needing a Bloggers / Influencer license to do all that they do. This is basically happening so that their work can be made professional.

What sort of a license would they need?

bloggers/influencers electronic media license is just like that of magazines and newspapers. They can acquire that license from the authorities and can do their work effectively.

According to the council; this move is being taken so that the standards can be increased and it has nothing to put a full stop to the creativity of the people.

Social media influencing – a big business

It is not something very old. People did not use social media to promote their businesses by taking the help of media personalities but now the practice has become quite popular and so many brands are indulging in this practice happily.

Electronic media regulation system

this new system got launched on February 28 so that all the people that are involved in the electronic media commercial activities can have a license before the end of June.

 What if somebody doesn’t register and have a license for electronic media commercial activities?

You will get penalized!

Anyone who fails to get the license for Advertising / Advertisement Approval for Bloggers or influencers for the commercial activities as mentioned above will have to pay the penalty of Dh5,000. In addition to that, they can even get a warning or their website can get closed as well. so, if you do not want any of such things to happen to you, you must take a license for your activities or else you will have to pay the fines and even more.

Blogger/Influencer Media License

Bloggers/ Influencer licensing registration in UAE has become mandatory for the people. Bloggers / Influencers licensing with National Media Concile UAE is very important or else you will have to face so many penalties which would not be good for you at all.

blogger/influencer Media license is all that you need to carry out your media activities like commercial activities.

If you are also making money by using social media branding activities, you should get a license for yourself too. This will allow you to carry out all your activities without any problem. If not, you will be held responsible for all the consequences

  • Consequences
  • Fines
  • Penalties
  • Account block And much more

FAR Consulting Middle East can help you with all of your professional problems. If you want to have a license for your social media commercials and other workings, you must take their help.

They are very good at providing such services. This Dubai based company guides you on your business-related problems.

We all know how much is the scope of blogging nowadays. Every other day you see a new blogger coming on the screen. This might have created some sort of clutter on your social media. This might have affected your standards of bloggers and influencers as well.

The societies that are related to media are very concerned about this issue. That is why they have started a proper way of licensing for all the bloggers and influencers. This will help the people in maintaining their standard.

Licensing services

The license is all that you should get for your social media accounts if you are one of the bloggers or influencers. If you do not want your account to get blocked, you must get your license as soon as possible. or that you can even ask agencies to help you.

If you are yourself aware of how you should get the license and how the things will work, there is nothing to worry about but if you are a little weak in the matters related to laws and regulations, you must ask for help from different agencies. they will guide you in the best possible manner and you will be able to carry out all your activities with ease.