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How to Register a UAE Company PO Box

UAE Company PO Box

Even though we’re living in a modern world and utilize email as the main form of communication, there’s still lots of correspondence in hard copies that come from government authorities, banks, or business clients and suppliers.  

There’s also the tendency in “going green,” but we still see the merit of having hard copy correspondence. In UAE, businesses don’t have PO boxes automatically assigned to them. More so for entrepreneurs that launch their small businesses from the comforts of their home. Additionally, a business needs an official address registered with the authorities that aren’t the home address of the business owner due to safety and privacy issues. 

Note: PO box numbers are mandatory for commercial establishments. They’re part of the corporate identity of business organizations in UAE. A PO box can’t be shared between two separate corporate entities unless they’re owned by a single corporation. The leasing process can be done with the help of business setup experts in UAE as part of company formation. 

How can I use a UAE PO Box as the registered address of my business?

The United Arab Emirates has the Emirates Post Group that offers a public PO box that can be utilized to have a mailing address in the country. Here’s how to register a PO box as your company’s registered address: 

  • Prepare your corporate documents – As you are opening your business’ PO box with the Emirates Post, you’ll need to furnish corporate legal work and the primary sources of identification for the company’s authorized person. For the authorized person, there will be a need to present two passport size photos (must be colored and recent), copy of the visa or Emirates ID, and passport copy. As for the corporate documents, this will include the company’s trade license and corporate identification. The Emirates Post has the discretion in seeking additional documents. 
  • Pay the fee – the rental charge for a corporate PO box is AED 900 yearly. There is also an additional fee of AED 100 for the registration. The annual leasing fee can be higher for additional services. The rental period for PO boxes begins on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of December. Should you choose to lease a PO box in the middle of the year, you’ll have to pay the full fee for the year and renew the lease and registration by the 1st of January. The Emirates Post offers one month as a grace period for the renewal of corporate PO boxes. Late renewal penalties will apply. 
  • Register with the Department of Economic Development – the leasing agreement you have with the Emirates Post should be submitted to the local authorities together with all the other requirements for UAE company formation.

 What are the other documents required for UAE company formation? 

Apart from a registered address, the following documents are required from applicants looking in setting up a new business in the UAE 

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 
  • Name certificate approved by the Ministry of Economy 
  • Personal due diligence (attested by UAE embassy) for directors and shareholders of the company, including address, passport, bank statements for three months, educational certificates, and resumes
  • Service agreement with a UAE national who is the sponsor of the business or majority shareholder (for mainland company formation in UAE)
  • Share capital deposit certificate in a corporate bank account in UAE

Depending on the activities of a business, any of the following licenses are required: 

  • Commercial license – a license that is issued for a trading business 
  • Professional license – a license that’s issued to professionals, craftsmen, artisans, and service providers
  • Industrial license – a license issued to businesses looking in starting up an industrial or manufacturing business

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Company formation specialists in UAE  

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