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How To Get a Trade License in Dubai, UAE

How To Get a Trade License in Dubai

Registration of trade licenses in Dubai has to face difficulties due to the unfamiliarity of the entire application process. The Dubai Economic Department (DED) regulates and monitors the licensing procedures for every company in the emirate. A comprehensive understanding of the procedure is necessary for a smooth transaction.

How to Get a Trade License in Dubai?

1. Get Required Permission

2. Select a Business Activity

3. Choose a Local Sponsor

4. Select a Legal Form or Structure

5. Reserve Trade Name

6. Apply for Initial Approval

7. Get External Approvals

8. Rent an Office

9. Get EJARI for the Office

10. Submit Important Documents

11. Make relevant payments

Step 1. Get Required Permission

As per UAE law business has to acquire permission from the entities to acquire a license that corresponds to their specified corporate activity. The nature of activity decides whether an enterprise needs either of the three permits to operate in the emirate:

  • Commercial license for all kinds of trading activity
  • Professional license for professions, craftsmen, services, and artisans
  • Industrial for the industrial or manufacturing operation

Step 2. Select a Business Activity

Decide a business activity that you want to conduct in Dubai or any other emirate. Try to comprehend the feasibility of business activity and if you can conduct the preferred business activity in the region.

Step 3. Choose a Local Sponsor

Determine and select the local partner for your business. Also, decide the extent of services you require from local sponsors.

Step 4. Select a Legal Form or Structure

Every type of business in Dubai or the UAE does have a legal form or legal structure. This legal structure is implied by the Dubai economic department and must adhered to by the company.

Step 5. Reserve Trade Name

Decide your colony for your business that will regulate as an identity for your business. You must reserve a tradename from the Dubai economic department.

Step 6. Apply for Initial Approval

The person should apply for initial approval with the Dubai Economic Department after you have received your initial paperwork. This provides an opportunity to start your business in Dubai.

Step 7. Get External Approvals

Some businesses may require approval from the Dubai municipality, ministries, and other judicial bodies. Getting external approval is extremely important and must be followed by a commercial notary so that the company is licensed.

Step 8. Rent an Office

You are required to have business premises, therefore, look for an office location and make a tenancy contract.

Step 9. Get EJARI for the Office

Ejari means rent is an initiative sponsored by RERA to regulate the leasing and renting sector in the emirate. Business setup showcases their ear to DED to get their business licensed by DED.

Step 10. Submit Important Documents

All the important documents must be submitted for a business license to DED along with required legal documents. Below are some of the documents that must be submitted to the Trade License and Commercial Registration Department in DED.

  • Filled application form signed by the company’s legal agent.
  • Original as well as a copy of the company’s statutory documents
  • DED letter approving company name
  • DED attestation letter approving the setup of the company
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Shareholder’s complete details and their passport copies

Step 11. Make relevant payments

At this stage, you must pay all charges. After the successful submission of the required documents and payment of fees, you will receive a business license after a week.

Business Registration Services in UAE

Business consultancy agencies are abundant in Dubai. Business setup consultants offer company formation solutions that include everything from trade license registration and on-time annual renewals with timely reminders, so you, the business owner, can focus on your business. You may have to address your questions to professionals on processing the requirements for running a business.

Dubai has made efforts to ease registering a trade license, but sometimes handling these procedures of acquiring and renewing a trade license in a timely fashion in Dubai can prove cumbersome for entrepreneurs. If you have any doubts about how to get or register a trading license or for any Pro services in Dubai, get in touch with us.

What Are the Three Main Types of Licenses in UAE?

Three main types of license in Dubai are as follows

  • Industrial license
  • Commercial license
  • Professional license

Which Authority is Responsible for Issuing a Trade License?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government entity for issuing all licenses for corporate entities or individuals who desire to carry out business on the mainland.

What Is a General Trading License?

The general trading license in Dubai and the UAE enables companies to trade in mixed goods. A business could import, export, and trade any number of products under the same license.