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Seven Things to consider for Choosing a Tradename in UAE

Things to consider for Choosing a Tradename in UAE

A company’s name is its identity, which means the right name helps it stand out among countless of other start-ups and businesses. Smart investors in UAE think carefully about their choices for English and Arabic names for their companies.

Having a unique name helps in creating a brand presence and awareness in a target market . Note: One of the first steps to setting up a company in the UAE is to reserve a tradename.

The rules for naming are pretty straightforward and not unusual. Keep on reading to get accounted with the policies for naming a business in UAE.

1. The business name should be catchy and memorable

A catchy and memorable name can help your business grow. Simple considerations, like a name that is easy to spell, is a reasonably good start. Names that are spelled like how they sound, help internet searches and customers alike. Every company is in search of a name that will remain fresh and memorable over time. This can be a challenge because naming trends change and making timeless names can be hard.

2. Business names shouldn’t be in the list of restricted tradenames of the government

An investor planning to form a company in UAE may be restricted from using names such as:

  • Emirates, names of districts, and airport codes of UAE. Names of continents and countries and cities are not allowed in business names as well.
  • A tradename cannot begin with international, middle east or global etc.
  • The names must not contain any sign of political or religious organizations.
  • The business name cannot contain any sign of a government organization or its abbreviation.

3. Trade name should reflect the activities of the business

An additional consideration for naming a business the name refers to the business activities of the company or at least one of the activities listed on the Trade License. It should help people understand what the business does.

Of course, not all names need to be related to the activity, it is essential that they do not contradict what the businesses are about. If your name reflects your products or services, you will also have a much better chance to be found (via Google search). For example, The word ‘commodities.’ It can be approved only if the company trades in more than one commodity or practices general trading activity.

4. Name of the shareholder with Arabic origin can be used

The name of the business can be taken from the name of a shareholder provided that it is of Arabic origin. Family names can be used as well but only if the first name is included. The name must also be the name. For example, Ahmed al Hamdi cannot use “Al Hamdi Contracting” unless he changes it to “Ahmed al Hamdi Contracting.”

5. Name should not match the name of an existing company

The name should not be the same name as one of the brands active in the country as well as government projects. Conducting proper research on the existing names can give you better insights into the names that are unique and not used by any other business.

6. Representative offices should take the name of parent companies

The name of a company branch must be exactly the same similar of its parent company unless it contains restricted words. You may also consult a business setup specialist to know the laws regarding the naming of a branch in the UAE.

7. The name should be available for trademark registration

Before confirming a trade name, you should make sure the name is available for registration. Trademark registration applications must be submitted to Dubai Economic Department. A simple Google search can provide some information on a mark’s availability, but it is better to hire a trademark specialist to conduct a thorough and comprehensive search to ensure the name is available.

Trademark Registration Services

Choosing a name is one of the most essential parts of business setup in UAE. Be sure to choose a name that reflects your business’s desired image and long-term goals. At FAR Consulting Middle East, we have a team of trademark specialists who guide companies for selecting a tradename in UAE. We can also help in conducting research for tradenames and registering it in UAE.

With our expertise and knowledge, we’ll help ensure that your trademark registration is done properly.  Contact us today to talk to our experts regarding trademark registration in UAE.