Fujairah Mainland

Business Setup in Fujairah Mainland

Located at the east coast of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Fujairah is one of the seven Emirates of the country. Fujairah is known for cargo ships coming in because of its location. The primary economic drives of Fujairah are tourism, construction, and manufacturing materials of buildings. Its strategic location is greatly used in shipping services, giving access to investors from Arabian Gulf ports, Red Sea, Iran, etc. On a weekly basis, there are mainline services that are from Northern Europe, Mediterranean, etc.

Fujairah has developed tremendously over the years under the rules and guidance of Sheikh Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi. who is the ruler of Fujairah. Infrastructure is also seen as having its continuous improvements as well to facilitate the investors. And future ones who will be setting up a business in Fujairah. One of the business setups done is Fujairah general trading among many others.

Business setup in Fujairah also requires two partners and for them to be at least 21 years old. There can be a maximum of 50 partners when business owners decide to conduct a company formation in Fujairah. Similar to the other mainlands in the UAE. Fujairah also requires business owners to have a local partner or a UAE national. If they are expatriates. This means that the local partner will hold 51% of the shares. And the business owners will only have 49% of them. This basically means that companies. That is formed in the mainland can’t be owned 100% by people if they are expatriates.

The registration of new businesses in Fujairah takes place in their municipality. Unlike the other Emirates. Because of Fujairah Department of Economic Development being non-existent just yet. Even though that is the case, founding a business does not mean it’s more difficult to do. Fujairah Economic Department helps in this case. Regardless, the procedures would be more bearable when it is done by someone who is an expert at it.

Business consultants can advise you on how to secure a Fujairah municipality trade license and are. Also around to help you to actually obtain a Fujairah trade license. So that you wouldn’t need to go through all of the procedures. They will be the people who will go through all the processing. Such as going to Fujairah licensing department. And even to the Chamber of Commerce Fujairah. Besides speaking about your business plans and which way you think. Your organization should go, a business consultant knows exactly the best warehouse in Fujairah is that can suit your needs. When you have goods to store or machines you need to use.

It can be a difficult journey to face, so it is advisable to hire someone to help you. These consultants can definitely aid you to be more prepared as you take on this venture.

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