Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) Business Setup Services

Business Formation in Ajman Free Zone

One of the known UAE free zones that conduct industrial activities is Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZ) that was established in 1988. This has greatly affected the UAE economy as it helped in driving investors to carry out an Ajman Free Zone business setup. AFZ has a lot of businessmen carrying out Ajman Free Zone company formation as they continue to develop their infrastructure.

The growth of the free zone has been rising as Ajman Free Zone companies are being setup. In addition to that, there is a continuous development on a million-square meter area that will be able to house 9,000 companies soon. This is expected to invite more Ajman Free Zone company setup in the coming years.

Since AFZ is located in one of the strategic locations in the UAE, it is only 25 minutes away from international airports. There is also communication with world air transportation networks available. AFZ is also situated opposite the Ajman Sea Port for a reach of sea transportation. And by land, AFZ is near some neighbouring countries that make it easy businesses to depart and arrive on time.

Business owners can choose from four types of ownership when they conduct an Ajman Free Zone business setup. The following types are as follows: Free Zone Establishment license, Free Zone Company license, Branch of Local Company, and Branch of foreign Company.

There are a lot of procedures that businessmen need to go through in order for them to conduct an Ajman Free Zone company formation. In light of this, it is therefore advisable that business owners should seek the help of AFZ company formation consultants so that they can be more guided about the business setup in UAE. They are the right people to ask about how to open a company in Ajman Free Zone. To be able to be prepared for your financial side as well, you can inquire about Ajman Free Zone license cost or Ajman Free Zone company setup cost from your consultant. If need be, they can provide you with the information on the cheapest free zone license in UAE. Of all these information that you can obtain will certainly help to set up what might be the best business in UAE.

Moreover, knowing more information than what you usually have in store in your mind before you go through Ajman Free Zone company registration is advisable since it can enhance your knowledge on what to do and what not to do. They can even advise you on which one is the cheapest free zone in UAE and the suitable warehouse in Ajman for your organization.

Although cheapest company formation in UAE is fairly easy to understand once you grasp the idea, AFZ company formation consultants give you the leeway of simply waiting while they process your papers to ensure that you carry out business setup in Ajman properly and in the correct manner. Business setup services allow you to have more time in planning out your strategies. In the meantime, as you wait, the consultants will take care of your papers and will be the one who will go to the concerned authorities such as Ajman Economic Department and even obtain and pass documents to Ajman Chamber of Commerce.

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