Dubai Design District Business Setup

Business Formation in Dubai Design District

A free trade zone dedicated to promote exceptional talent and provide a home for artists, designers, and creative thinkers, Dubai Design District (d3) encourages entrepreneurs and investors to establish a business presence within the district. Business setup in Dubai Design District offers a number of advantages including zero corporate tax, freedom to repatriate 100% of capital and profits, and 100% foreign ownership!

Freelance permits can be obtained in the district as well, perfect for talented, ambitious artists and designers in building a reputation and working in an environment which supports growth and development.

As exciting as it sounds, embarking on a business venture can also be terrifying. You have to ensure everything falls into place and your business launch kicks off smoothly. Seek the help of our business specialists as they’re experts when it comes to providing clients support and guidance in the compliance of laws, requirements, and regulations unique to Dubai Design District business setup.

FAR Consulting Middle East’s business setup solutions can help throughout the process of company formation in d3 including for the following critical aspects:

  • Selection of the Correct Business Structure

The business structure you choose is important as it affects the level of control your business can retain, its regulatory obligations, requirements related to health and safety in the workplace, tax obligations, and the personal liability you and the other directors of the company/business will incur.

There are three business structures on which entrepreneurs, SMEs, and corporates can setup their businesses in d3: Free Zone Establishment, Free Zone Limited Liability Company, and branch of a local or international company. For FZE and FZ LLC, the difference between the two lies in the total number of members or shareholders permitted by regulatory bodies. As for a local/foreign company branch, the branch office must conduct similar or identical services and business activities as its parent company.

Each legal business structure has a specific set of procedures and requirements for its incorporation. Our qualified business setup advisory team will guide you in making the correct decision pertaining to the structure of your business, and help ensure it meets your business’ specific needs.

  • Company and Trademark Registration

Our business setup experts can help you register your company with the proper authorities and submit all necessary legal documentation for the issuance of a trade license.

For trademark registration, regulatory bodies require trademarks including trade names to adhere to certain stipulations. Apart from avoiding the use of offensive words and phrases, there are other considerations. You can rely on our business setup experts in Dubai Design District to present you with all key information related to trademarks and trade names.

Dubai Design District business setup may sound like a complicated, tedious task, but you can enjoy all its benefits without going through the hassle of company formation with the help of our business specialists.

Call us today so we can discuss how we can address your specific needs and requirements for business setup in d3.

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