Business Setup In Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Business Formation in Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Although founded in 1999, the Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC) didn’t open its doors until the year 2000. It is considered to be a huge technology hub where business owners who are looking to connect and share their vision with others establish their business.

Currently, the big global companies that are situated in DIC are Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Cisco, Canon, Dell, among many others. There are various industries that are located in DIC, including sales and marketing, ecommerce, and software development.

For businessmen who want to have a business setup in Dubai Internet City, there are choices that investors can choose from: Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company, and Freelancer. Aside from that TECOM media city has advantages in store for businessmen.

Dubai Internet City business setup, although quite similar with other business setup in Dubai free zones, is done through a systematic process that is expected by this Dubai free zone authority to be followed by business owners so their Dubai Internet City company formation will be done according to the timeframe.

It is not indeed advisable that one should treat business setup in Dubai as a simple task. The processing of TECOM registration and licensing, finding out the TECOM license fees, and ensuring that Dubai freezone company setup cost is correctly calculated—all of these are not easily done. This is why company formation consultants in Dubai exist. These people are the reasons why UAE and Dubai freezone companies were successfully established in the country.

The information that you will be able to obtain from business consultants in Dubai are guaranteed to help you decide on important things before you finally take a step forward towards conducting a business setup in Dubai Internet City. Since they are knowledgeable on the details about business setup, you can use the information about the estimated Dubai free zone license cost and Dubai free zone company formation cost to make a budget plan so you will be financially prepared for the first step of starting an organization. It further helps when you are aware of the Dubai free zone company registration fees so that it will bring you to the closest figure to ensure even more that you are financially prepared. You can file all these information for your future reference and for forecasting.

There are business setup consultants in Dubai for TECOM free zone who are willing to answers to your questions, Dubai Internet City setup cost or documents required for trade license renewal in Dubai (lest you need it in the future). However, it should not be forgotten that they are reached by your side to fully take care of your Dubai Internet City business setup. They will ensure that you have all prepared, such as the amount of your Dubai Internet City license fees, before you open a company in Dubai free zone.

Because of this, it should be noted that the best team should take care of your affairs since it will either lead you to boon or prosper when it comes to Dubai Internet City company formation.

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