Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup Services

Business Formation in Fujairah Free Zone

Two decades ago, Fujairah Free Zone Authority was established with a vision to provide business owners the needed support and facilities for their businesses. Being adjacent to Fujairah sea port adds to the many advantages that investors gain when they decide to carry out Fujairah Free Zone company setup. The Fujairah Free Zone companies find it easy to access Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, India, and Pakistan with the means of weekly feeder vessels. In addition to this, Fujairah Free Trade Zone is in near proximity to Fujairah International Airport. So, to sum up so far, it is a free zone that has good access to sea ports and airport, making it an ideal choice among UAE free zones.

It is not a new notion in the UAE for foreign investors to come here and carry out a company formation in UAE in hopes that they will soon have the best business in UAE. With just the above-mentioned details, many businessmen have been conducting Fujairah Free Zone company registration as it duly meets their needs. Moreover, the type of ownership in Fujairah Free Trade Zone are as follows: Free Zone Establishment (FZE) that is an entity with a sole owner, Free Zone Company (FZC) that is an entity owned by two to five partners, and Branch of UAE Company or Branch of a Foreign Company.

Although business setup in Fujairah Free Zone is fairly simple when you have the right information, it is still advisable to reach out to company formation services. By having someone to inquire from, you will have all the ideas about how to start a business in UAE free zone and Fujairah Free Zone license cost, for you to be prepared financially. With the information that you have, you can weigh things. You can decide easily on which UAE free trade zones is the cheapest free zone in UAE and have the cheapest free zone license in UAE. This information is regarded as important before going through business setup in Fujairah or anywhere else that you want to carry out your business set up in UAE free zones.

When you have finally decided where you want to have your freezone company formation, the documents will be then passed to the concerned departments. This time, you will only have to wait as your consultant will be the one who is responsible of going through the procedures needed for the business setup in UAE. The consultant will be the one who will go to the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority and Fujairah Economic Department to process papers and deal with them on your behalf. In this way, you can focus more on the strategies that you need your business to have for it to take the right turns in the future

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