Sharjah Freezone Business Setup

Hamriyah Free Zone Company Registration, Requirements, Setup & License Cost

In 12 November 1995, Hamriyah Free Zone Authority was established by an Emiri decree. Its aim, as stated in their website, is “to be the most cost-effective, efficient and profitable Free Zone in the region with a commitment to excellence leading to the broad based & sustainable development of highly skilled human resources.”

There are seven sub-zones that composed Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah. These are called 7 Magnificent Zones. They are as follows: Oil and Gas Zone, Petrochemical Zone, Steel City, Construction World, Timber Land, Maritime City, and Perfume Land. A lot of SMEs are attracted to this kind of approach, hence the good number of Hamriyah Free Zone companies registered. This is also why there are a number of oil and gas companies in Hamriyah Free Zone because there is a specific place dedicated to only them. This kind of approach has definitely helped in upping the demand for Sharjah Free Zone company setup even more. There are still new zones that are under development; they are called Industrial Zone and Logistics Village that will have 144 plots of industrially zoned land and 224 warehouse units, respectively. These are expected to pull in more investors to carry out their Sharjah free zone company setup in these zones.

Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah has geographic and time zone advantage as it is located in one of the Emirates of the UAE that has easy access to other countries through land, sea, and air. It is one of the known industrial areas of the UAE. It has been attracting commercial organizations that add to the soaring economy of the UAE. It is holding 22 million square meters of land and a 14-meter deep water port. Because of this, Sharjah free zone company formation is known in the UAE. A lot of investors come and choose the place to go through Hamriyah Free Zone company registration as it meets the requirements that their organization needs.

The business types that are operating inside the free zone are as follows: Industrial License, Commercial License, and Service License. The Hamriyah Free Zone companies are enjoying structured facilities, such as pre-build wheelhouse, harbour, accommodation city, etc.

Hamriyah Free Zone Company registration, like any other free zones, has its own procedures on how to process documents. Once you decide that you want to carry out Hamriyah Free Zone business setup, it is advisable to reach the help of business consultants. Most, if not all, of the Sharjah Free Zone companies are these people will provide you the information that you need. By letting you know the Sharjah free zone license cost, they will help you be prepared for the financial side of things. It is beneficial for your side if you are aware of the Hamriyah Free Zone business setup cost so that you can plan a budget from the formation of the organization until its first few months or to a year of operation. Another advantage of having a consultant on your side is that you can pose Sharjah trade license inquiry and everything you want to know about it. And one of the benefits, of course, is they will be the one to go to the concerned departments, like Sharjah Economic Department. With the right people on your side, you can simply wait and be ensured that everything is done properly and in the correct manner.

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