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Business Setup In Fujairah International Free Zone Authority

Business Formation in Fujairah International Free Zone

Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of UAE which got its name from the water spring lying beneath one of its mountains. Its unique location is what separates it from the rest of the country. Also, this is the only emirate lying on the eastern side of the UAE. Several industries have started to emerge in International free zone authority Fujairah and the main reason behind it is the facilities and convenience it is providing to the national and international industries.

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  • Following industries you can setup in Fujairah International Free Zone

    We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

  • Benefits of Business Setup in Fujairah International Free Zone

    There are a lot of reasons why you should count on IFZA. Let’s have a look at some of them.

    Cost effectivity
    At IFZA, the business incorporation solutions are kept simple and straightforward for the investors. In this way, investors will not have to pay extra money for no reason. This free zone also offers very low licensing costs. That is why it is the most affordable choice for the business and its incorporation.

    Fast business incorporation
    Everybody wants to incorporate their business as easily as possible. Well, in Fujairah, it can be done in just one (1) day. Here you can incorporate your business as fast as ever. The incorporation procedures are really easy as well. So, your company can thus be managed in quite a few days while making your dreams possible for you in just an instant.

    There is no massive documentation needed at all. The only document required for the business set up in Fujairah is the Passport Copy

    100% ownership
    For those who want to own their businesses wholly, it is the best stop for them. Here the businesses would not need sponsors to establish their companies. They can have full control over their business and its activities.

    No physical presence is required
    Business owners would not have to be present physically during the business incorporation process. For this purpose, agents can be appointed who can complete the registration process on behalf of the owner.

    Limited liability
    Companies incorporated in IFZA would have limited liability.

    No taxes
    It is the best part of IFZA business incorporation. Here, there is a full exemption from both the corporate and income taxes. The formed companies can enjoy their businesses with all these perks by themselves.

    No currency restrictions
    There would be no foreign currency restrictions for the companies at all.

    Set-up costs
    The business set up costs are very low which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to
    bring their creative business ideas into existence.

    Profit repatriation
    The company can enjoy all the profit it makes. There would be a full repatriation of company profits and that of capital.

    No physical location is required
    There is no need for a physical office in IFZA. If the business finds its need, it can have it otherwise it is not at all a requirement.

    No capital requirement
    There is no share capital requirement. It would be totally up to the business to the capital it starts its business from.

  • IFZA Business Setup Requirements & Procedure

    Requirements for International Free Zone Authority company registration

    • Proof of tradename reservation (our firm’s task)
    • Proof of initial approval for the activities (our firm’s task)
    • Passport copies of the shareholders
    • Passport copy and CV (resume) of the manager
    • Personal information sheet of each shareholder and manager (template will be forwarded by our firm)
    • Lease agreement (documents)—having a physical address for your business/office is mandatory in the UAE. The rent on average within the free zone area is USD 25 up to USD 45 per sq. ft. (USD 225 up to USD 400 per sq. m.). Our firm can assist you while searching for your physical address. You can learn more about leasing and rental costs here. (This item will be required only after we obtain the initial approval from the authority.)
    • Notarized and attested Power of Attorney appointing our firm as your legal representative so that we can act on your behalf and/or on behalf of the shareholders (template will be forwarded by our firm).
    • There are some activities that might require third-party/authority pre-approval—accordingly, additional costs and professional fees might be applicable.
    • Also during the process, the authorities might require a few other documents.

    Additional Documents Required for a Corporate Shareholder

    • Attested and notarized Memorandum of Association/Article of Association—it must be attested by the UAE Embassy at the place of origin
    • Board resolution must be resolute by the board of directors of your existing company/entity at the place of origin expressing the intent of establishing a new setup abroad. It must be attested and notarized by the UAE Embassy (template will be forwarded by our firm).
    • Certificate of registration (if applicable) of your existing company/entity, license, or certificate of incorporation must be attested and notarized by the UAE Embassy

    The procedure of processing your Fujairah International Free Zone company formation will range from 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Support Services Offered in Fujairah International Free Zone

    • Sponsorship
    • Housing
    • Assistance with labor recruitment
  • Business Setup Cost in Fujairah International Free Zone

    Creative City is known for its reasonable cost and professionalism that encourages businesses from various fields to setup their business in the said free zone. Farahat & Co has an experienced team of business setup consultants that can assist in the process of Fujairah creative city business setup. The below fee table represents an estimation of Fujairah creative city free zone cost. Contact us for more information on business setup in Fujairah.

    Cost for Business setup in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

    Business Registration and Licensing CostFees
    Registration FeeAED 4,000.00
    Cost by Trade Licence Type (Select one of the following)
    FZE Commercial License Fee: No visa eligibilityAED 11,000.00
    FZC Commercial License Fee: No visa eligibilityAED 14,000.00
    Freelance License Fee: 1 visa eligibilityAED 13,500.00
    Baby Business License Fee: 6 visas eligibilityAED 13,500.00
    Setting up a branch office (Starting from)AED 11,000.00
    Setting up a Branch of a Foreign Company (Starting from)AED 11,000.00
    Fee for an additional activity (if applicable)AED 5,000.00
    Additional Fees for Business Registration
    Chamber of CommerceAED 3,020.00
    E – Channel RegistrationAED 2,225.00
    E – Channel Refundable DepositAED 5,000.00
    Visa Processing Cost
    Emirates ID applicationAED 390.00
    Medical Test (Starting from)AED 300.00
    Employment/Residence Visa (Select one of the following)
    Employment/Residence Visa – Normal Process – In CountryAED 4,950.00
    Employment/Residence Visa – Out of the Country – Normal ProcessAED 4,950.00


    All fees for government and related authorities are an estimation only, as of on 21st September, 2019. The exact government fees will be determined at the time of submission of the applications. We are obligated to provide our clients with all receipts of government and related agencies against the amount that will be paid. Every amount that will expense for your business registration will be supported by documents. In case of shortage, the client has to repay us. In case of excess, we have to refund the client.

    Our professional fee covers consultation, drafting of legal documents, introducing reliable local citizen service-agent when required, assisting in document notarization from the local notary public, assisting in local bank account opening, and applying to the concerned authorities on your behalf.