Business Setup In Ras Al Khaimah Media City Free Zone

Business Formation in RAK Media Free Zone

RAK Media Free Zone was established in January 2006. It is considered to be a direct competitor of Dubai Media City. Due to the increasing cost of living in Dubai, they are making this zone as an advantageous choice for investors who want a cheaper way of living. With its benefits with a matching affordable environment, investors find it enticing, hence the RAK free zone company setup is rising in this place.

Companies that fall under the category of media should be thinking of having their business set up in RAK Media Free Zone. Business owners will find that this zone is dedicated and designed to meet their requirements so as to effectively perform as a media company. Among UAE free zones, RAK Media Free Zone is considered to be economical, even compared to its competitor, Dubai Media City. Companies in Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone can choose from the following types of licenses: publishing licenses, TV and radio broadcasting licenses, production and post-production licenses, media and marketing services licenses, business and information services licenses, music production and recording licenses, etc.

RAK Free Zone company formation, like any other free zones, has procedures that people should follow to have a business setup in UAE. Once it has been decided by your side that you would like to conduct a company formation in UAE in this zone, business consultants should be contacted. Admittedly, almost every company, if not all, that decided to RAK Free Zone business setup has leaned on the expertise of business consultants. This is because these people are able to provide you with the information that you need to obtain about UAE free zones or anything with regard to company formation in UAE. In knowing the RAK Free Zone company setup cost along with RAK Free Zone flexi desk cost, your budgeting will be even more accurate as it will be applied for the whole year of a business operation. Another benefit that you gain in having a business consultant on your side is that you can ask about RAK Free Zone virtual office and even about the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone trade license. And the main advantage, of course, is that they are the ones who go to the concerned departments where your documents should be submitted, like Ras Al Khaimah Economic Department. Having the right people on your side will ensure the proper way of carrying out your RAK Media City Free Zone business setup.

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