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RAK Offshore Company Formation Service | Company Registration

RAK Offshore Company Formation

The Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) handles the investment affairs of RAK. With this, they established the RAK Offshore to cater to the high demand of offshore markets. This also helps them in expanding their sources of revenue for the continuous growth of their economy.

Over 1900 International Business Companies (IBCs) are recorded in RAK’s offshore client portfolio. The primary businesses that are registered with RAK offshore are real estate and property investments. New policies are established by RAK offshore ensuring. That a welcoming environment is provided for the people. Who would want to begin Rak offshore company formation?

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Following Industries You Can Setup in RAK Offshore

Benefits of Setting Up Business in RAK Offshore

Several benefits come with deciding to carry out an RAK offshore company registration. Some of the main advantages are as follows: RAK offers privacy. And keep for all of your information safe. RAK offshore company cost is reasonably priced. And if you are looking forward to setting up your offshore company in an ideal location. For business operations without too much cost and hassle. RAK ICC offshore is the answer to such a prerequisite.

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Exemption from all import duties
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

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Business Setup Requirements & Procedure

Requirements for RAK Offshore Company Registration:

  • Proof of tradename reservation (our firm’s task)
  • Proof of initial approval for the activities (our firm’s task)
  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Passport copy and CV (resume) of the manager
  • Personal information sheet of each shareholder and manager (template will be forwarded by our firm)
  • Notarized and attested Power of Attorney appointing our firm as your legal representative so that we can act on your behalf and/or on behalf of the shareholders (template will be forwarded by our firm).
  • Some activities might require a third party/authority’s pre-approval—accordingly, additional costs and professional fees might be applicable.
  • Also, during the process, the authorities might require a few other documents.

Additional Documents Required for a Corporate Shareholder:

    • Attested and notarized Memorandum of Association/Article of Association—must be attested by the UAE Embassy at the place of origin
    • Board resolution to be resolute by the board of directors of your existing company/entity at the place of origin expressing intent of establishing a new setup abroad; it must be attested and notarized by the UAE Embassy (template will be forwarded by our firm).
    • Certificate of registration (if applicable) of your existing company/entity, license, or certificate of incorporation of your existing company/entity attested and notarized by the UAE Embassy

The procedure of processing the company setup would range from 2 to 4 weeks.

RAK offshore Registered Agents – Support Services Offered in RAK

As a consultancy in Ras Al Khaimah, FAR Consulting Middle East is one of the RAK offshore registered agents. With 30 years of experience in our sleeves, we continually handle RAK offshore company setup with quality that makes us stand out from the reset. We assist business owners who are looking to establish an RAK offshore company and even give them the information that they need with regard to RAK offshore company cost as well as other Ras Al Khaimah business opportunities.

We provide the following services once you let us handle your business setup in Ras Al Khaimah:

      • Applying and following up on behalf of the client until the collection of the Certificate of Business Registration (Trade License)
      • Representing the client in front of the authorities
      • Assisting the client in bank account opening
      • Assisting the client in account opening with the Ministry of Labour
      • Assisting the client in account opening with the UAE immigration
      • Assisting the client in leasing a premise as an address for the business

RAK Offshore Company Setup Cost

The below table shows the estimated RAK offshore company formation fees. If needed, you can contact us for further information and clarification about our RAK offshore company setup cost.

Cost of RAK Offshore Company Setup
Table of Estimated Government Costs and Professional Fees
Trade License Option/ActivityCost in USDCost in AED
Lump sum amount (covers registration fees and our professional fees)4,00014,680
Assistance in Opening a Bank Account (Optional)1,0003,680
Our Firm’s Professional Fees5,00018,365


All fees for government and related authorities are an estimation only. The exact government fees will be determined at the time of submission of the applications. We are obligated to provide our clients with all receipts of government and related agencies against the amount that will be paid. Every amount that will expense for your business registration will be supported by documents. In case of shortage, the client has to repay us. In case of excess, we have to refund the client.

Our professional fee covers consultation, drafting of legal documents, introducing reliable local citizen service-agent when required, assisting in document notarization from the local notary public, assisting in local bank account opening, and applying to the concerned authorities on your behalf.