Business Setup In Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams Zone)

Sharjah Media City Company Formation

FAR Consulting Middle East helps SMEs, startups, and corporations attain growth within Sharjah’s lucrative markets with business setup in Sharjah Media City (Shams). An economic hub in the heart of the emirate, Shams supports the growth and expansion of businesses that belong in the creative and media industries.

Company formation in the free zone has gained traction among foreign and local investors for several reasons, including total business ownership, non-taxable business profits, affordable business facility rental, and business transactions don't have restrictions in terms of currency.

The free zone authority also allows for the formation of various types of companies. Our business setup consultants provide assistance in the registration and licensing of the following business entities:

  • Limited liability company – this is the most common type of business entity in the free zone. It protects its shareholders from personal liability and can have up to 50 stakeholders. Unlike Sharjah mainland company formation, the setup of an LLC in Shams does not require the partnership of a UAE national or presence of a local sponsor.
  • Foreign or local company branch – foreign and local companies may expand and establish company branches or representative offices within the free zone to access the local market.
  • Partnership company – a legal business entity that allows the joint ownership of the business between two or more investors.
  • Private shareholding companies – Shams Authority also allows the establishment of private shareholding companies. These companies have a lesser number of shareholders and stocks are not to be traded publicly.

Our solutions for business setup in Sharjah Media City also include maintenance and verification of accounts from Immigration and Ministry of Interior, preparation of required corporate documentation, application or renewal of license, assistance in the opening of a bank account, and advisory for the registration of the correct business entity.

Sharjah Media City is home to numerous businesses as business setup is made easy with the availability of business setup consultants and the free zone authority provides a number of incentives for company formation and expansion.

Here at FAR Consulting Middle East, our business setup experts are experienced in making the process of company formation smooth and hassle-free. Familiarity with local policies and wide domain experience allow us to help us ensure clients don’t have to go through unnecessary bureaucratic hassle in order to setup their businesses.

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