Business Setup In Dubai Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone

Business Formation in Dubai Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone

With numerous ongoing construction projects throughout Dubai and the rest of the UAE, Dubai Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone (HETZ) has become a key import and export hub for heavy equipment and truck dealing. 

This newly established economic zone offers a number of competitive advantages to its business partners and potential investor, and they are as follows:

  • Tax exemption for corporate income
  • Availability of facilities for storage, import, export, and re-export of trucks and machinery
  • Numerous opportunities for income and sales stimulation such as exhibitions, presentations, auctions
  • Direct access to major road networks of Dubai
  • Convenient location
  • Access to developed banking and financial institutions, making it possible to manage assets remotely
  • Developed commercial infrastructure, including residential properties

The free trade zone piques the interest of local and foreign investors, but there is a need for a proper company formation to enjoy the unique benefits it offers and avoid incurring penalties/fines for running incorrect registration processes. When it comes to Dubai Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone business setup, hire the experts of FAR Consulting Middle East.

Quick release of visa and business license

One major reason why clients trust our inhouse professionals is because our business setup solutions include assistance for the processing of business licenses and visas for company directors, employees, and dependents. We can assign a team to handle the preparation, review, and submission of all necessary documents required by authorities.

For licensing, the kind of business you plan on carrying out within the district will help us decide on the trade licenses you need. You are allowed to conduct several types of services and/or activities under multiple licenses.

Company name registration

Before you finalize a name for your company, our experts will ensure your business name adheres to naming stipulations. Additionally, we can assess its validity for registration on Dubai HETZ Authority’s portal.

Opening of a bank account

With our help and expertise, opening corporate bank accounts is an easy, hassle-free process on your end. Our experts will help you gather all necessary documentation to increase your likelihood of getting the approval of your chosen financial institution. 

Legal Documents Required for Dubai HETZ Business Setup

For business licenses:

  • Colored copies of passports and visas of shareholders and directors
  • Application form
  • Board resolution indicating intention to establish a business in the district
  • Articles of Association

For opening a corporate account from a UAE-established bank:

  • Copies of identification documents of company partners
  • Board resolution sanctioning the opening of a corporate account with signatories to the bank account
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Copy of share certificate
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Corporate account application form

Business setup in Dubai Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone is getting traction as our assistance and advisory services allow businesses to enjoy huge tax savings and freedom to conduct business operations as company management pleases. FAR Consulting Middle East has the resources, experience, and expertise to help you establish your business in the free zone without having to worry about visa applications, licensing formalities, documentation, red tape, banking details, and residence permits.

Our specialists are adept not just at preparing and reviewing requirements, but also in providing the best-fitting solutions for issues that may arise. Call us today so we can initiate the company formation process for your business venture!

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