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10 Ideas for Small Business in UAE that You Should Know

how to start a business in dubai

The United Arab Emirates continues to be one of the international business hubs. Investors keep eyeing the country as it offers a lot of opportunities that should be taken advantage of. It has infrastructures and facilities that benefit a lot of people especially businessmen and women.

With its continuous thriving, the country’s growth is also rapid and incessant. It has become a sought-after location for business people whenever a new business comes to mind.

Home to a lot of companies from small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to big corporations, UAE never fails to offer advantages that business owners can use to capitalize on what they have in order to expand further.

Small Ideas that You Should Look into This Year


There are a lot of trading companies in the UAE. There is trade inside the country, within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and also with others from various parts of the globe. Trade can mean an import or export of goods like textile, vehicles, plastic goods, fruits, etc.

2. Construction

With Expo 2020 coming to Dubai, there has been a good demand for constructing new buildings and infrastructures to prepare for the huge event. With more and more investors coming in, there are opportunities rising up each day to build a new structure for those investors’ offices to occupy.

3. Consultancy

As home to a number of businesses, the UAE is swarmed with consultancy firms that offer services like accounting, payroll, business setup, and others. Experts in this field are being contacted to ensure that businessmen and women are doing the right methods and procedures and complying with the laws.

4. Food and Beverage

Food businesses can mostly survive anywhere as long as the location is feasible. In the UAE, the food and beverage industry has always a place in this country because of the demand by people for those things.

A food and beverage company can also specialize in a healthy lifestyle or not. With a good game plan, any food, and beverage company can thrive in this country.

5. Travel agency

There are a lot of people around the world who would like to experience the UAE, and you can capitalize on that opportunity by turning it into a business. There are also residents in the country who would want to have a weekend getaway in other countries that are not too far from here or have an entire vacation simply dedicated to touring Europe or Asia or somewhere else.

6. Logistics

Since the UAE has done a good job in making the country a hub for imports and exports, airports and ports can be found here. Since there are trading companies and companies that need to have their goods be delivered to their clients in and out of the country, the logistics industry has a high demand.

7. Real Estate

It has been predicted by professional analysts that the real estate industry in the UAE is going to rise in the coming years as Expo 2020 draws near. It is one of the biggest industries in the country, and it is expected to skyrocket even more before the event arrives.

8. Business Franchises

The UAE is full of businesses that are already known in the world and are simply franchised. There is a population in the UAE that is composed mostly of expats, and since this is the case, an opportunity to cater to their needs in franchising known restaurants and such from their countries is a great way to start a business in UAE.

9. Healthcare

There are a number of people in the UAE who are health conscious. That is why there is a demand for healthcare, such as health insurance, skincare, and even veterinary clinics.

10. Job Agencies

The UAE is mainly composed of people who are job seekers. With this amount of job hunters and the companies that are being established in the country every month, you can take this opportunity and start a business to match a candidate to a company.

Business Setup Consultants in UAE

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