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Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone waives new license fees

abu dhabi free zone license cost

The year 2019 comes with good news for all the business investors who are planning to set up a company in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone this year. The authorities at ADAFZ has just announced that they would not be charging the license fee for the years 2019 and 2020, for all the new companies registered or incorporated in ADAFZ.

Yes, this is very true and this decision has been taken in continuation of the policies of the Abu Dhabi government to make Abu Dhabi a the most favorable economic and business destination for the business investors. This decision will reduce Abu Dhabi free zone license cost to 64% and this is not all that.


Tax Exemption for Abu Dhabi Airports Company

Not only Abu Dhabi waives new license fees but also has acquired an exemption from Tawtheeq registration along with the exclusion of VAT from certain designated zones within Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone.  This exception form tax will benefit companies in Abu Dhabi airport free zone to cope well in the prevailing economic scenario.


Benefits for New and Existing Companies

Exclusion of Taxes and reduction of ADAFZ license cost will not only attract the new investors to form an Abu Dhabi airports company but will also benefit the existing companies and business owners. This is because the offer is not limited to setting up new companies but also is applicable for setting up new branch offices of existing companies. This decision will help existing investors take bold decision to expand their current business setups as this is the right time for them to expand paying the less licensing cost with exclusion from taxes.

This announcement was made by the authorities to target increase in the Foreign Direct Investments into the Abu Dhabi region which will not stabilize the economic position of the country but will also create more support for businesses in terms of new ventures, collaborations, and availability of business-related services and products.


Setting up Business in ADAFZ

For the new investors, this is the right time to get the maximum benefits out of reduced Abu Dhabi free zone cost. The earlier the better because the offer is limited for two years and companies formed only during the year 2019 will be able to get the maximum benefit.

There are many options available for business investors to choose from. The businesses can make the best choices of company type in the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ABAFZ) to suit their businesses. The business investors and businesses can choose from the followings.


ADAFZ Products

Abu Dhabi Airports took over the charge of Al Ain International airport as well as Al Bateen Executive Airports within a few years of formation of ADAFZ. The products that Abu Dhabi Airports Authority offers to the investors in Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen and Al Ain International airport free zone are:

  • Land Plots for Lease
  • Ready Warehouse facilities
  • Offices
  • Business Centers


From a long-term lease to short term allotment, bigger storage spaces to shared and personal working spaces, all the facilities are offered by the ADAFZ.


Types of Company Formations

Forming a new or a branch of an international company, the free zone companies in Abu Dhabi can choose from:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC (Corporate)
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC (Natural)
  • Branch of a local or foreign company


One of the exclusive and bigger advantage in forming an Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone Company is that the companies incorporated in ADAFZ are eligible to acquire a dual license from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economy (ADED). This means that ADAFZ company can get a dual license to open a branch office to do business in local markets of UAE without the need of a local sponsor.


Variety of Business Activities

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone was established for helping the airlines and aerospace industries to flourish by expanding their productions and services at lower costs. With the growth of these businesses the need to establish other supportive activities generated. To set up business in ADAFZ, investors can select from the following activities:

  • Aviation, Aerospace, Aircraft interiors and airport services
  • Maintenance Repair Operations
  • Logistic, Transportations and related
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Trading
  • Technology and ICT
  • Service Providers
  • Consultancy
  • Knowledge and Development
  • And many more

You name the type of business activity and you will get an option available to set up company in Abu Dhabi free zone.


Facilities at ADAFZ

State of art infrastructure with quicker incorporation time and one-stop shop services for all the needs of ADAFZ member companies are attractions and facilities offered to businesses in ADAFZ. Be it a company formation or dealing with government departments and services, all the procedures are performed through a single desk and in no time. A company in ADAFZ can be formed not in days but hours.


The facilities to work at ADAFZ are also very supportive as Office spaces at Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone are open to work for 24 hours. The easy access to cargo village and cargo terminals also provide ease to the trading businesses reducing their invested time and cost.


License Cost

With all these facilities and tax exclusions and with the support of authorities at ADAFZ, there is a brighter era of prosperity ahead for the companies investing in UAE. The luxuries of all such favorable prospects can be acquired by getting business license in ADAFZ which starts only from AED.15000 per year and that if you invest now, will not have to pay for two years.


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