Business setup in D3

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Design District (D3)

Benefit of  business setup in Dubai design district is to enhance and encourage local talent and provide a home for local thinkers. Dubai design district is a global hub for regional center for creative design. Dubai Design District (D3) has been launched through careful consultation with the design community to provide a creative ecosystem that fulfill the expectations of a typical creative neighborhood. D3 inspires authentic, and relevant ideas shaping Dubai as a leading destination of design, art, and culture. Below mentioned are the benefits of having a business in Dubai design district:

  • Sole ownership: A foreign investor can fully own the business without requirement if a local partner and full repatriation of profits and capital.
  • Creative culture: Dubai design district has a detailed and planned to develop emerging culture and blend with creativity. The community including entrepreneurs, startup solutions and established international brand for luxury and fashion.
  • Strategic location: Dubai design district is easily accessible to extensive transport lines make this travel easy for both local and international business
  • Multiple Visa options: multiple shareholder visa requires multiple visas and Dubai design district offer best visa options.
  • Visa facility: It will be very easy to sponsor dependents for their visas. It provides very quick and easy procedures to obtain the visas to your family and employs. Seeking a guidance from an expert for visa application and procedures will help in processing the visa requirements smoothly
  • Lowest setup cost: Establishment or a company requires a huge capital. Fujairah provides the flexibility of setting up business in lowest cost
  • Infrastructure: Dubai design district will give a world-class infrastructure and provide a constructive business platform for various businesses to grow and excel in their respective fields.

Licensing Benefits:

Investors can obtain benefit of ownership of license under the following categories as per their agreement with authority

  • Trading license: A trade license is required for those investors who wish to import and distribute product as specified in the license
  • Service license: A service license is required for those investors who wish to operate specific business
  • Freelance permit: Having this type of license offers an individual to operate as a freelance professional. It enables the practioner to conduct a business under the name original name.

Additional Benefits

  • Smart step: This district is a smart city because authorities have taken steps to modernize the area which includes parking meters smart energy meters and smart waste management among others.
  • Automation: D3 owns a security system that can recognize an employee’s face and switch on lights and adjust the temperature on a user’s desk automatically.
  • Versality: Dubai design district is versatile as it owns a business zone for fashion, luxury, and design, it will give you the access to art studios, museums, art galleries etc. which will eventually boost your versatility.
  • Lowest setup cost: Establishment or a company requires a huge capital. Dubai design district provides the flexibility of setting up business in lowest cost
  • Tax exemption: Foreign investors can enjoy the benefit of no tax on imports and re-exports, corporate tax, or personal tax for a good amount of time period

Types of Legal Structures in Dubai Design District

Below listed are few legal structures operating in Dubai design district

  • Free zone limited liability company

This is a wholly owned company or in simple words independent legal entity.

  • Branch office of a foreign company

This is locally owned with no prerequisite for a minimum share capital. A branch office may conduct all or some of the operations inherent in its parent business.

  • Branch of UAE company

This is not a separate legal entity and conducts all or some of the operations inherent in its parent company’s business.

Business Set up Services

Dubai design district is a place where creative minds can live and work. We at far consultancy middle east can help in setting up a business in Dubai design district and can also aim to specify the business license and business registration process for a company or entrepreneur in an efficient and effective way. Contact us for further consultation.

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