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What are the Benefits of Setting Up Business in Fujairah Freezone?

setting up a business in fujairah

Fujairah free zone possesses great potential for economic and business growth because of its strategic location for shipping and trade. There are several benefits of setting up a business in Fujairah Free Zone. Some of them are mentioned below in detail:

  • Connectivity: Fujairah free zone offers connectivity between the company and the international market through its airports and seaports.
  • Accessibility: It is accessible for investors to avail all kinds of opportunities in an easy and convenient way. The business setup process is also very simple for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Ease of doing business: The Fujairah Free Zone offers advantageous services that are beneficial for the economy of Fujairah and UAE. It allows minimum business setup time along with the easy issuance of the license.

Infrastructural Benefits:

  • Trading offices: trading offices fully furnished can be leased for all trading activities (import, export is export) with possible assistance
  • Warehouse: units of different sizes can be taken on lease for general trading of commodities. Investors Can operate by using storage and packing facilities in their warehouse to become a distribution hub in this region at most attractive prices.
  • Open land: investors can lease prebuilt units and request for construction of units customize to their requirements with open land for manufacturing purpose
  • Furnished offices: a club erected area specifically meets the basic needs of investors. It includes fully equipped furnished offices that meet the needs of investors.

Licensing Benefits:

Investors can obtain the benefit of ownership of license under the following categories as per their agreement with the authority

  • Trading license: A trade license is required for those investors who wish to import and distribute the product as specified in the license
  • Service license: A service license is required for those investors who wish to operate a specific business.
  • Industrial license: The holder of industrial licenses carries out activities like importing raw material, assembling packing and exporting the finished products.

Additional benefits:

  • Lowest setup cost: establishment or a company requires huge capital. Fujairah provides the flexibility of setting up a business in the lowest cost
  • Corporate Tax exemption: Fujairah free zones may exempt tax payment. This act is a benefit for foreign investors and relives them from the heavy burden of tax payment.
  • Repatriation of capital and profits: This becomes another plus point that provides the flexibility to foreign investors to repatriate all the investments and profits earned during the business tenure.
  • Multiple residency visas: it allows business owners to apply for several visas without the need to lease physical office space.
  • Easy incorporation: Fujairah provides low barriers for business setup. Business owners may not require to provide share capital or provide details of shareholders, there is also no required mint of an annual audit or formal bookkeeping plan
  • Open to a variety of business types: Fujairah free zones open to a wide range of activities which promotes sharing of knowledge in some areas and transfer of skills between all the sectors.
  • Easy to sponsor dependents: it provides very quick and easy procedures to obtain the visas to your family and employs. Seeking guidance from an expert for visa application and procedures will help in processing the visa requirements smoothly.
  • Ideal location: it provides world-class facilities and a strategic location. Fujairah is perfect for business travelers an ideal place to do business with billions of potential customers across the middle east.

Other Advantages of operating in Fujairah free zone are

  • The modern and sophisticated communication system
  • opportunity for investment in shipping and agricultural industry
  • cost-effective establishment cost
  • Freedom of the business owner to choose a wide range of activities
  • Efficient and very cost-effective investment facilities
  • Policies to attract investors

There are various other benefits for setting up a business in Fujairah free zone. If you want to establish a business in Fujairah free zone, after acknowledging the above-mentioned benefits then Far consulting middle east can answer all your queries. We are here to guide you on the business setup procedures. for further consultation contact us.