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Business Set up in Dubai- Top challenges

business setup in dubai challenges

Are you planning to set up a new business in Dubai? If yes, you must focus on some specific points. The setting up of business requires a lot of your attention and effort. However, there are a lot of opportunities that are present in Dubai that can be availed to get the maximum profit. But still, there are some challenges that every new businessman face in the process of setting up a business. Following are the top challenges that are highlighted by the experts:


1.    You need a big investment for your business:

According to the experts, the important of setting up a budget is highlighted. Moreover, it is also explained that you have to do a big investment to start your business in Dubai. The expenses of licence, location, hiring a local sponsor and agents will require a lot of money.


2.    Talent is sometimes hard to find:

Although the trend of moving to Dubai is increasing the employment opportunities is increasing with the passage of time. Still, the search of the talent is becoming difficult. You may be able to find a lot of people that will suit the position that is available in your company but still finding the best person for that work may require much effort.


3.    Time is money and it should be saved:

For starting up a new business in Dubai, you need to have enough saving to support your lifestyle. Living in Dubai is expensive and you have to manage all your expenses for at least a year. While setting up the business, you need to value the time. If every second is spent in a qualitative way, you will be able to progress in much less time.


4.    Consideration of the religious and cultural values:

As Dubai is an Islamic country with the laws and regulation that are related to the Islamic teachings. Starting a business in Dubai will be different from starting it in your own country or home market. You have to follow all the cultural obligations and values of the people living there.


5.    Sticking to your own principles can be difficult:

When you plan to start a new business in Dubai, it is almost impossible to stick to the principles that you have developed over the time. It is not your country, it is a place that is the house of people with different cultural backgrounds. You need to consider all those values before taking a decision regarding your business.


6.    The importance of admin should not be ignored:

You may find a lot of sources that will explain you the procedures you should be followed while setting up a business but no one will emphasize the importance of admin. This is the number one thing you should be considered. As a lot of paper work is required, having a proper admin system is necessary.

These were the top challenges that are faced by all the new businessmen who wants to start up their business in Dubai.