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Business Setup in Agriculture and Fishing Industry

Business Setup in Agriculture and Fishing industry

The agricultural sector in UAE has been improving by incorporating several new technologies and equipment in farming, fishing and poultry sectors, to name a few. The UAE environment is often considered deserted, which limits the flourishing growth of the agricultural sector. Nonetheless, the government has improved the conditions by introducing effective and unique techniques such as hydroponics, organic agriculture, and aquaponics.

Hydroponics – Hydroponics seeks to improve farming conditions in the country by providing farmers with nutrient-rich water for farming and gardening purposes with limiting the usage of soil during the process.

Organic agriculture – The government has developed the organic food certification scheme that increases awareness among individuals about organic farming and products that are a result of organic agriculture.

Aquaponics – The process of aquaponics is a conventional way of combining aquaculture and hydroponics wherein aquatic animals are raised along with the cultivation of plants within the same water.

There are various farming areas and locations around the region; mainly Diqdaqah in Ras Al Khaimah, Wadi adh Dhayd in Sharjah, Al Awir in Dubai, Falaj al Mualla in Umm Al Quwain and the coastal areas of Fujairah, to name a few.

FAR Consulting Middle East has a team of experienced business setup consultants that offer a smooth and quick business setup process in the agriculture and fishing industry. They provide customized consultations, wherein they seek to provide suitable solutions to their business setup clients during their registration, licensing and visa procedures. The firm’s consultations also help the clients to make informed decisions about setting up an agricultural business on the basis of location, jurisdiction, costs, and required documents, to name a few.

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General Documents Required for Setting up a Business in Agriculture and Fishing Industry

  • A License to practice the activity such as trading license, or industrial license, to name a few. Few authorities may also require the business to register their Trade Name for starting a business in the agricultural and fishing industry.
  • Some authorities may require proof of a physical address within the jurisdiction or a copy of a site lease pertaining to the activity performed by the business.
  • Owner/Partners Passport Copy
  • Some activities may require third party approvals.
  • Business Setup may require legal documents such as Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, and Power of Attorney, to name a few.

FAR Consulting Middle East can provide assistance in preparing, organizing, and compiling the necessary documents required by the particular authority. Further, they also have a team of legal consultants that can assist in addressing any legal queries regarding setting up a business in the agricultural and fishing sector.

Third-party Approvals Required

Some authorities may require a new business to seek approval from any of the following concerned authorities, depending on the restrictions:

  • Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
  • Public Health Services Department – Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Municipality – Food Control Department

FAR Consulting Middle East can offer assistance in acquiring third-party approvals required for setting up a business from the relevant authorities.

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Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Business setup can often be considered a complex task with the various free zones and emirates across UAE that offer different business setup packages for the agricultural and fishing industry. FAR Consulting Middle East has professional consultants that provide assistance in making the most suitable decision for setting up a business in UAE, while considering various factors such as costs, lease, visas, and documents required, to name a few. We seek to provide efficient results at a reasonable price, as well as provide full support from the start of the business idea and registration process until the renewal and cancellation of the business. Contact us today to discuss the various business setup options for the agricultural and fishing industry.