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How to start a business in DAFZA

company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Making faster progress is all that the businessmen want to do. if you are also one of them, you must set up your business in DAFZA. This is because this is the area which is making progress at a very faster pace. It is located near the international airport of Dubai which makes it easier for DAFZA to access the market. In DAFZA you will get the best and world-class facilities like nowhere else and you will be able to work here in a great way which will become the reason behind your rapid progress. If you want to do a business setup in DAFZA, you are required to take a few steps as follows;


Step 1: Select the Company type

FZCO Setup

It is totally up to you that what type of company you choose to can either form a corporate entity or work as an individual and you can even work in partnership as well. this depends on you, if you think you will be able to work alone, you can work alone but if you think you would be needing someone to work with, you can either form a corporate company or a partnership as well.

There can be different shareholders of your company too. you can start a business by using the minimum capital of AED 1,000 per shareholder where the value of each of the share will be AED 1,000


Branch Setup

If your company already exists in some other place, you can form a branch of your company in DAFZA as well. in such a situation, you will not be requiring any capital as you have already an established business.

In this case, you must be having the ownership of your already existing company. in addition to that, the name of your newly formed branch will be same as that of your parent company and the business activities will be same as well.



Get a license

For the sake of company registration in DAFZA, you ought to have a business license so that you can get the permit to work. if you do not get the license, you will not be able to provide your services with no matter whether you have another licensed branch or not.

You can choose from the different license forms of DAFZA and work there.

The types of the licenses you can choose from are as follows:


Trade License

In case of carrying the trade activities, you need to have a trade license. This is the only way you would be able to trade what you want in DAFZA. The trading activities might include import, export, re-export, distribution, and storage of specific products. For all such things, you would be needing trade license and then you can easily do these activities.


Service License

If you are thinking of running a service-oriented business, you would need a server license. This service license will allow you to provide the particular services to the people that you want to.

Before obtaining a service license, you must consult the sales executive so that you can get facilitated for the sake of the selection of the right category. There are so many websites that can help you and take you to the consultants for the sake of consultation.


Industrial License

If the aim is to manufacture different items in DAFZA, you will need an industrial license. This will allow you to manufacture the products of your choice. Note that packaging and assembling will also come in this category along with the manufacturing.


General Trading License

For the sake of general trading activities, a general trade license is required. General trade activities include the importing, exporting, re-exporting, storing and distributing the products.


Select the Facility

After deciding about the type of the license and the company, you need to choose about the office space or the unit of leasing. In DAFZA, you get a variety of office spaces which help you to work in a great environment. People can rent the spaces on an annual basis


Step 2: Documents Submission

After the approval, you can submit all of your documents that are required of you by the authorities


 Step 3: Finally Sign your lease, Register your Company

Sign your lease, register your company and then get your office keys

After carrying out the whole process you will get registered to work in DAFZA and you will be able to enjoy the facilities that are associated with working in here. In addition to that, you will get tax exemption and a great work environment where you will be able to provide the people with your goods, products, and services as well. so, you should look forward to the opening of business set up in DAFZA as it has so many benefits associated with it and you should really take its advantage as well

Consultants to Help Your Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone

The experience of FAR – Consulting Middle East that spans more than 30 years is one of the reasons why we are one of the leading business setup consultants in Dubai. Every dilemma imaginable has been dealt with by our firm, and every business setup in any location is achievable for us. We simply know how to manage any service you need from us and fix any problem you present to us.

For more details about the business setup in any free zone or if you have any question with regard to business setup in general, you can contact us and book a free consultation. Our consultants will entertain any question you throw at them.