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company formation in Kizad

More than 500 Business officials attended an event KIZAD Business Week in Abu Dhabi. Yes, this is very true as in the first week of April this year. KIZAD invited business officials from around the world to attend a week-long event.
This turned out to be a very successful event as more than 500 businessmen, representatives of businesses and International business councils got together to discuss the business opportunities in Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi also called KIZAD.

The event was also attended by local business delegations and FAR Consulting Middle East. Also had the honor to be invited as guests in the event. Our experts had a chance to go through the opportunities and facilities offered by KIZAD to the business investors looking to set up a business in Abu Dhabi and felt compelled to share these benefits with our readers, clients and partners.

Purpose of the Event

At this event, KIZAD launched its channel partnership program supporting the strategic business partners ” Business consultants ” to serve their clients and investors efficiently. The event was designed to share the new offerings and benefits so that they reach to the business investors looking to start a business in Abu Dhabi or set up a company in UAE.

Company formation in KIZAD offering

  1. At KIZAD, they have built new warehouses as a part of LOGISTICS CITY in KIZAD and have recently launched a construction city in Abu Dhabi to cater to the needs of building materials in the country.
  2. They are also building FOOD CITY in Abu Dhabi under KIZAD for food processing Industries that will help the food-related businesses with the most suitable infrastructure as well as logistic channels for local and international markets. The aim is to facilitate the food-related businesses in easily acquiring the licenses they need to operate and quick access to the markets.
  3. They are establishing a POLYMER PARK in KIZAD which will bring polymer converter to KIZAD. With the estimated production of 300-400 Kilo Tonnes of plastic production everywhere this will be one of the largest plastic production facility in the world. The end products including finished and unfinished industrial and domestic plastic products. Advance tech productions like 3D printing and a lot more of such production companies will enjoy the benefits.
  4. SME’s are welcome with their very competitive package. In October 2018, with intent to help enhance entrepreneurship and SME ecosystem in the UAE. KIZAD announced very cost-effective packages to set up SMEs in KIZAD Incubation center that includes office facilities, workstations and licensing options. For as low as AED 13000. And within 24 hours, business starters can set up a business in KIZAD Incubation center.

Largest Industrial Free Zone

KIZAD having 2 Million square meters of land industrial land. With their dedicated support, is one of the largest industrial free zones in the region. It is its infrastructure and facilities that have made KIZAD won not just one but two of the Global Awards for the best free zone for its constructions and infrastructure.

Key Benefits at KIZAD:

  1. Streamlined Service Delivery is offered at the KIZAD for the new business investors and existing members. This includes one-stop-shop services which provide all major government services under one roof and in effectively less time.
  2. MAQTA Gateway launched in 2016 and improving since then. Is in itself a state-of-the-art Port Communication System (PCS) introduced by the Abu Dhabi Ports. This system is so far integrated with 38 external systems to streamline and swiftly process logistics and operational needs of the business. KIZAD being part of Abu Dhabi ports offers the facility of using MAQTA Gateway system to its members.
  3. Access to market
  • KIZAD is strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai connecting GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi member companies and business can enjoy the benefits of easy access to GCC free trade Area. Of around 50 Million population that help them increase their consumer market.
  • KIZAD offers access to the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) with 400 Million Consumers to the manufacturers and other business in KIZAD.

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Businesses at KIZAD can also benefit from;

  • Easy access to 4 international airports and a seaport with more than 60 destinations.
  • Facilities to accommodate any scale of business operations.
  • An Extensive network of utilities and a proposed rail network for logistics need.
  • A Modular path for large equipment movements including 4 lane dual highways.
  • The Hot metal road for liquid metal transportation

Investor Support

The foremost thing any investor will look into a free zone. To set up a business in, will be how flexible regulations are to conduct the business. KIZAD is no way behind any other free zone in the UAE in offering support to the new investors by offering:

  • A Comprehensive business ecosystem delivering economic benefits
  • Choice of Free zone and Domestic Tariff areas
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100 percent foreign ownership
  • No restriction on hiring expatriate workforce

Cost Advantage

Offering one of the lowest business setup costs and a dual license option in a very economical cost to trade in the local markets of UAE. As a free zone business makes KIZAD business setup very cost effective. Some other cost advantages for KIZAD member businesses include:

  • Best utility rates in the UAE
  • Competitive lease rates
  • No corporate and Income taxes
  • Exemption of VAT for Free zone companies
  • Potential duty-free trade with GCC countries

Along with the representatives of participating international business councils. The FAR Consulting Middle East team at the event also believes that KIZAD company setup has a lot to offer and the facilities and benefits it brings to the business will make KIZAD an ideal place to establish the business in the coming days.

For all queries regarding the new offerings at KIZAD Abu Dhabi. Feel free to contact us as our expert business setup services in UAE can help you acquire and enjoy maximum benefits with business in KIZAD. With our services, you can simply relax and concentrate on your business strategies and operations. And let us take over the task to form your business as per your requirements.