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New guidelines for economic licenses in Abu Dhabi

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Two decisions have been taken by the Department of Economic Development (DED). These decisions are basically taken in order to aid the people in the economic activities taking place in Abu Dhabi. These incentives will play a huge role in the development of Abu Dhabi. All of the taken decisions will improve the ranking of UAE and will help them in becoming more successful in the field of business while rendering them more competitive on global levels.

Billboard fees Modifications

The billboard fees have been modified. If someone has to renew or issue their economic licenses, they will have to pay a fee of Dh200. This is the first decision that has been taken to improve the economic health of Abu Dhabi.

Exemption of new Licenses

The new licenses have been exempted by DED. All the new economic license fees have been exempted from the fees that were charged by the Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi with the need to obtain ‘‘No Objection Certificate” for the very first year as well.

According to Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, DED Undersecretary;

The decisions that has been taken in Abu Dhabi are acting as a part of the keenness of the department because of the collaboration and association with the government partners for the sake of adopting the practices that are good for the status of the UAE. also, these decisions are playing a role in the competitiveness of the business sector of UAE on national and global levels as well.

It was further explained by him that these different initiatives have been implemented by DED aim to achieve a lot of development of business registration system in Abu Dhabi. This will do so not only by reducing the time and cost of the business in UAE but also the number of procedures that are required to start a new business set up in UAE. In this way, not only more people will get attracted towards the business environment but also they will achieve their goals of making competitiveness possible in UAE.

These new initiatives being taken by the DED for the success of the business sector is being really welcomed by Al Mansouri. This is because these initiatives and incentives will enhance the overall performance of the business sector while improving the competitiveness in the World Bank Doing Business Report.

Furthermore, Al Mansouri expressed the keenness of DED because of the provision of more incentives for the initiation of the empowerment of the private sector in Abu Dhabi. This will attract more people towards the business sector which will ultimately play a great role in the enhancement of the economy of Abu Dhabi.

Suitable working environment

Everyone wants to work and provide their services in a suitable environment. This is why decisions are being made on this particular aspect so that people can be made to work in Abu Dhabi in an easier way.

Previous cost of billboards

Previously the billboards cost the people Dh,3000 but now a new decision has changed the fees on the billboards.

Second decision

Exemption of new licenses from the Centre of Waste Management. This decision has been taken in order to support the efforts of the government of attracting the people towards investing in Abu Dhabi and playing a role in the business sector. This is the reason why the fees have also been reduced so that this economic project may get succeeded. All of the taken decision will bring the dreams of the enhanced economy of Abu Dhabi to come into existence. This will not only attract more investors to come and start their new business setup in Abu Dhabi but also make sure that these new investors progress in their fields to a great extent.


All of the taken decisions will play a very great part in the economy and the business sector of Abu Dhabi. In this way, people will find more opportunities because of the incentives being provided in Abu Dhabi. If the people get attracted to these incentives and initiatives taking place in Abu Dhabi that are related to the business sector, people will come and invest in Abu Dhabi. When they will come and invest, ultimately the economy will get raised.


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If you are also looking for new opportunities with new facilities, you should really think of investing in Abu Dhabi. This is such a good way for you to increase the health of your business. by investing in Abu Dhabi, you will not only play a part in developing the business sector of Abu Dhabi but also you will be able to get success in your business as well because of the great opportunities that await you in Abu Dhabi. So, do think about investing in Abu Dhabi if you really appreciate the decisions that have been taken by Ded.


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