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ESMA UAE Registration | How To Get An ESMA Product Certificate

ESMA UAE Registration, How To Get ESMA Product Certification

To encourage industry in the UAE, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) was founded in 2020. The organization of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology now includes the 2001-founded Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) must approve your items if you intend to sell them in the UAE.

However, one must be certain of the precise certifications that are needed for their products. For a product to be sold lawfully in the UAE, it must have the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM). ESMA UAE product registration agents in Dubai are a reliable point of conduct to obtain ESMA UAE registration assistance for ESMA UAE-regulated products. 

ESMA Standards

As MoIAT/ESMA establishes and implements new standards, UAE standards typically refer to regional and global norms, including those of the GCC/Gulf Standards Organization.

The work of MoIAT/ESMA includes:

  • Utilizing UAE standards guarantees consumer protection and protection of the environment
  • Control the Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS), which evaluates whether imports of goods conform to regional or global standards
  • Give current information on standards and pertinent national, regional, and worldwide initiatives and stakeholders
  • On behalf of the government, business, and customers, its technical committees develop, provide, and implement national standards
  • Give national items the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)
  • Follow the application of UAE standards that have been accepted
  • Publish certificates of compliance 
  • Control the National Accreditation Scheme (ENAS) for conformity assessment organizations

Emirates Quality Mark

An EQM is a seal of conformity given by the ESMA to products subject to regulation that may show adherence to pertinent UAE national standards, regional standards, and/or international standards. Such goods must also be able to prove that they were produced by a business that has successfully adopted a quality management system to guarantee ongoing compliance. Before selling some goods in the UAE, importers, producers, and marketers must obtain an EQM.

Certification that the products are ESMA-regulated products as they have been authorized by the UAE Federal Government through ESMA is an EQM printed on the product label. To have shipments cleared by ports or customs authorities, businesses must have an EQM. To swiftly get EQM certification for business items, speak with product registration agencies in Dubai.

Which Items Need the Emirates, Quality Mark?

For some products, an EQM certification is required in the UAE. For the following categories of locally produced or imported goods, businesses need to obtain an EQM certification:

  • Juices and other drinks
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Milk and other dairy products

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How to Get an ESMA Product Certificate?

  • ESMA will conduct a thorough paperwork assessment after receiving the application form and any pertinent papers.
  • The ESMA will issue the ECAS certificate and the EQM following the conclusion of the assessment and facilities audit.
  • The product certificate has a one-year shelf life and may be renewed two months before it expires.
  • A facility certificate is valid for three years and may be renewed three months before its expiration.
  • You can get help from product certification agents to renew your ESMA certificate in Dubai on schedule.

To receive the product’s certificate, there are some ESMA certification requirements. Businesses must adhere to the following ESMA certification requirements and provide the necessary documentation:

  • ESMA product registration application
  • Location map of the manufacturing facility or storage facility where the product is kept
  • List of elements, such as additions used to improve the product’s overall quality
  • Report of Test Validity (One-year report)
  • Certification of compliance for the product in question on the applicant’s corporate letterhead
  • Test report by the required UAE GSO standard
  • Labeling artwork according to the applicable standards
  • Certification of the manufacturer’s status as the exclusive distributor (applicable for traders or agents)

Essential Conditions for ESMA Certification in UAE

  • Corporations must have information regarding what is ESMA certification and what is ESMA approval.
  • To pass the procedure of ESMA product certification in UAE, candidates should fulfill a list of conditions.
  • You can benefit from the guidance of product certification consultants in Dubai if you want to complete the procedure quickly.

Emirates Quality Mark Voluntary Certification

In the UAE, EQM certification is offered both voluntarily and as a requirement. Without an EQM certification, it is illegal to sell bottled juices, water, and dairy products in the UAE. Other items that are not on the required list are not, however, barred from doing so. An EQM on the product label improves the likelihood that consumers and authorities will trust your brand more.

Additionally, it will quicken the customs clearance process for shipments into the UAE. For a speedy EQM certification, speak with product registration agencies in Dubai.

License to Use the Emirates Quality Mark

Through a transparent process, ESMA issues licenses to utilize the EQM in the UAE. If you plan to utilize an EQM on your product, either required or optionally, you must apply for a license together with the necessary paperwork. Product certification agents in Dubai can assist in streamlining the procedure.

Factory Audit for Emirates Quality Mark

EQM is a thorough standardization procedure that the ESMA has put in place for product certification in the UAE. The EQM system also evaluates the items’ safety in addition to their quality. The specifications of the manufacturing facilities where the products were made will also be evaluated by ESMA to guarantee safety. In the case of locally produced goods, ESMA officials or representatives of ESMA-certified entities will go to the factory where the goods were produced.

The officials will determine if a quality management system has been successfully established in the factory.

Getting an Emirates Quality Mark: The Procedure

Importers, manufacturers, and distributors must complete a set of procedures to receive an EQM. To speed up the procedure, it is highly commendable to seek the expert services of trusted product registration agents in Dubai. To receive an EQM in the UAE, the below steps ought to be followed:

  • Apply for an Emirates Quality Mark
  • Review of Documents
  • Factory Evaluation
  • The system will alert customers to pay the fees and arrange the assessment if the product complies with all standards.
  • Acquire an EQM certificate
  • Pay the Emirates Quality Mark license costs
  • Accessing the ESMA website to register
  • Upload the necessary documentation

Required Documents for the Emirates Quality Mark

The following documentation or information should be provided to receive a license to use an EQM:

  • Electronic Declaration of Continuity of Conformity
  • Test Report from an Approved Laboratory using an ESMA-Approved Standard
  • Report on Factory Assessment
  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License (or declaration or accountability)

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In the UAE, ESMA product certification is highly vital, thus to seamlessly attain the certification, it is highly commendable to avail yourself of the expert services of trusted product registration agents in Dubai. Farahat & Co is an accredited and reputable interface that offers ESMA product certification in UAE. Contact us today and we shall be happy to assist you.