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Global Professional Employer Organization Services

Global PEO services are those services that allow a business or entity to hire employees from anywhere on the globe and manage the hiring and other employment requirements for that business. The purpose of hiring these services is most commonly the want of expanding a business on a global level. It is the best way of going through the global competition in business and a swift solution for the need of global expansion of the business. Expansion is always challenging for a business especially on an international level because incorporation and recruitment procedures are tiring. The process of expansion becomes even more difficult when international laws intervene. Global PEOs overcome all these complications about human resources, recruitment, payroll, employee benefits, management, international laws, etc. This makes the process of expansion easier for the business. The relationship between a business and the global PEO service provider is that of a joint-employment.

Global Professional Employer Organization Services

What are the benefits of PEO?

PEO offers plenty of benefits to businesses that want to hire global PEO services. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  • Global PEO helps your business to expand globally fastly. The process of expansion without the aid of PEO can take decades sometimes.
  • Global PEO gives you an opportunity to be familiar with the business markets of various countries of the world.
  • Global PEO facilitates your business in finding and hiring talented employees from around the world without worrying about hiring procedures, payroll, benefits, management, etc.
  • Global PEO is not only a fast track of global expansion but also less costly in terms of resources. 
  • Global PEO not only saves resources and money but also saves time. The process that could take years can now be done in months with the help of global PEO.
  • Global PEO significantly reduces the probability of risks and lawsuits because it takes care of the laws of business in various countries of the world. 
  • Global PEO takes complete responsibility for employee satisfaction by ensuring employee benefits. It means that your employees will surely be happy to work with your business.
  • Not only does global PEO help your business to expand swiftly and easily, but you can also withdraw from it at any time without any complicated procedures.
  • Global PEO tests the global markets for your business on your behalf but your business remains less prone to risks during the whole process.
  • Global PEO provides the continuous support that is required to expand your business in the global market.

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What are the functions of Global PEO?

Functions that global PEO companies perform can be huge. It completely depends on the business what functions of global PEO services they want to include. Following is a list of functions that may include in the functions of a global PEO which is not limited to these functions only;

  • EoR

EoR stands for the employer of record. Global PEO can also offer the services of an employer of record. This function is basically provided to a business that wants to hire employees from countries in which their business is not registered. The employees can easily be hired through EoR but employees will remain registered with the EoR and not your business. They will still work for your business but under EoR. 

  • Employment

The employee hiring and management processes are all managed by the global PEO. The global PEO hunts for the qualified employees that are best suitable for your company and help the business in creating a strong workforce. This completely cuts out the tiring processes of international onboarding and other requirements.

  • Human Resource Management

The global PEOs can manage all the activities that fall under human resources. These HR functions can range from employee hiring to unemployment procedures, performance evaluation to enforcing disciplinary actions, and much more. Hiring HR services under global PEO removes a huge burden from your shoulders.

  • Compliance with Law

Since global PEO is all about business on a global level which means that different countries can be involved, it is vitally important to consider the laws, rules, and regulations of the countries where you are expanding your business. One can easily attract lawsuits when starting to expand the business. However, the global PEO can save you from these lawsuits and penalties. It takes complete responsibility for expanding your business in compliance with the laws of different business markets. PEOs always consider the laws and keep looking for prompt changes that can happen when it comes to laws.

  • Payroll

One can also hire payroll services of global PEO. It includes everything that falls under the scope of payroll ranging from records of payment to on-time wages deposits to employees.

  • Employee Benefits

Employee satisfaction is a fundamental factor that contributes to the success of a business. PEO takes the responsibility of keeping the employees satisfied with the company by providing enough employee benefits to them. Employee benefits range from health insurance, different types of leaves, compensations, etc. This saves costs and resources when PEO services are utilized.

  • Support Services

Global PEOs provide complete guidance and support in the process of business expansion on a global level. They make sure that the business is thriving and growing with all of its interests fulfilled and provide assistance wherever needed. 

Which company should utilize global PEO?

Global PEO can be utilized by any business regardless of its size. PEO benefits all types of businesses ranging from beginners to developed ones. The need for global PEO can be felt by any business of any size. Small businesses may not have enough knowledge for expansion and hire PEO for this purpose. On the other hand, medium-sized or large businesses may want to reduce their burden along with expansion.

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