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Guide on Getting UAE Residence Visa for Newborn Babies

Have you been wondering about the paperwork required in bringing a brand new family member in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll provide you with a guide on getting your newborn child a UAE residency visa. Let’s start!

UAE Residence Visa for Newborn Babies

During the Pregnancy 

You will need to make sure that you have an attested marriage certificate if you’ve married outside the UAE. An attested marriage certificate is absolutely necessary for opening a file for maternity in a UAE hospital. You’ll be asked for copies and the original attested document. The attestation of a marriage certificate is going to require authentication from several different government bodies from the country where the marriage took place. 

The certificate or license for marriage will also be attested by the UAE Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs. Take note: most people find marriage certificate attestation in UAE a daunting and complicated process. For this reason, it is best to seek professionals’ guidance and acquire PRO services in Dubai. Outsourcing the job of having documents attested will save you time and money.

Please note it is considered a criminal offense to be pregnant while unmarried in the UAE. In such a case, it is necessary to go to another country to deliver the baby or marry in the UAE before the birth of the child. If you’re working and intending to be back to work following the birth of your child, it’s best to inform your employer. Also, talk to lawyers and legal consultants in UAE so you are aware of all of your rights as per the UAE Federal Law on employment. Women in the UAE are entitled to forty-five calendar days as paid maternity leave. This includes the period prior to and following childbirth. For eighteen months following childbirth and you’ve returned to work, you’re entitled to two half-hour breaks either for breast pumping or breastfeeding. 

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Acquiring Necessary Documents for a Newborn 

Following childbirth, you’ll only have 120 days to organize the passport of a newborn, its UAE residency visa, as well as the Emirates ID. There will be a fine of up to Dhs 100 each day after the allowed period of time. 

  • Passport 

Check with your Home Office or embassy for the procedure in acquiring a passport for a newborn child. The process and requirements can differ, depending on the country where you are from. This includes the fee for processing the passport. You will be allowed up to ten weeks for the process. Most countries, fortunately, are able to process newborn babies’ passports more quickly. 

It is best to have passport size photos ready for the passport application. You can have them taken professionally, which is the recommended route. 

  • UAE residency visa 

Newborn babies in the UAE are to have valid residency visas. A firm that offers PRO service in Dubai will be able to arrange this on your behalf as soon as you have the passport of your baby. The assistance of experts will cut down the time and money you have to spend in completing the process.  

Requirements for processing a UAE residency visa for a newborn child are as follows:

  • Father or sponsor’s passport (original)
  • Passport copy (colored and with high resolution) of the mother
  • Mother’s visa page copy (colored and with high resolution) 
  • Original birth certificates of the baby in both English and Arabic 
  • Two passport size photos of the baby with eyes open and a white background 
  • A tenancy contract that is registered with EJARI
  • Original emirates IDs of the mother and the father
  • Original marriage certificate that is attested by relevant authorities
  • Employer-issued salary certificate for either the mother or the father 
  • Labor contract 
  • Emirates ID

A newborn child also has to possess an Emirates ID. In order to apply for one, there is a need to secure the following:

  • Passport of the baby
  • The birth certificate that was issued by a Health Authority 
  • Residence visa of the newborn child issued by UAE authorities
  • Emirates ID card copy of the father (colored)
  • Passport size photos of the newborn with a white background and eyes open 
  • A completed form for ID card application
  • Original birth certificate of the father or the original passport

 If a child was born outside of the UAE, there is no option for availing of a visa on arrival. This applies to all minors or people under the age of eighteen years old planning to travel to the UAE with their parents.

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Being parents to a newborn child is already a great task in itself. Let the experts of FAR Consulting Middle East handle the legal paperwork for you. Our team of PRO professionals will help you organize records, so you are able to register your child legally in the country.