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Step by Step Guide to Select a Tradename to Register in UAE

step by step guide to select a tradename to register in uae

When establishing a business in UAE, one of the first thing investor do is to decide a tradename for the business. This is a very essential decision as the name should not only provide an idea to the customers as to what product and services the company provides but, should also be flexible enough so that it could be used even after the company succeeds. A clear, powerful name can have a great impact on the bottom-line of the business but there can be lot of restrictions on tradenames that can be registered in UAE.

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Here is a step by step guide to figure out the appropriate name for the company

Step 1 Understanding the core values of the business

This would include figuring out the basic feature of the business and what makes it Unique. Understanding the company will provide an inking on the most appropriate name of the business.

Step 2. Brainstorm and conduct research

If the investor is clear about its core business values then conduct a brief research about the name which can help to provide more clarity about the proposed name preferred by the customers and what are the options available for the proposed name.

After gathering all the data regarding the proposed names conduct a brain storming session which could suggest number of names and alternative to choose from. During this session the one need to list down all the names without thinking about its viability.

Step 3 Selecting from the list of alternatives or options

The next step is to shortlist the names that are best for the business brand. Also, the people making the decision on what to shortlist should consider its viability when the business expands in future.

Step 4 Checking the availability of shortlisted names for the business

For this step the shortlisted names should go through thorough checking for possibility of trademark registration. It should be noted that the chosen names should not violate any rules and regulation as stipulated by the government of the country.

Step 5 Make the Final decision

When making the final decision remember that this name should aptly represent the company and its vision for the future. The more creative the name is, the better would be the for the company brand.

Different Categories of Trade Name

Tradename falls into different categories. These categories will help in deciding the type of name suitable for the business setup in UAE.

  • Generic name

These are the simplest type of name that accompany could use for itself. This does not require much brainstorming and is fairly simple name it’s very difficult for a generic name to get trademark as these are the identical to the product or services attached to.

  • Descriptive name

These similar to generic name. They can only acquire trademark only after they prove that they have a different or secondary meaning.

  • Suggestive name

The suggestive name provides clues related to the aspect or quality of he product. These have a better chance of getter protection. These kinds of name are easily recognizable and have a longevity in the industry.

  • Coined names

Coined names are total unique, such names may not have any meaning which is not known to the public. people may not find it easy to understand and associate the name with a brand e.g. google, twitter etc.

Key Requirements for Deciding a Name are as Follows:

  • Must not contain names such as UAE, Emirates, City`s names, Districts, and Airports Codes of UAE.
  • Names of continents, countries, and cities are also not allowed in business name; however, nationalities can be used in the company name.
  • Must not violate the public morals or the public policy of the country
  • Must be followed by the legal form of the company
  • It has not been previously registered
  • It is compatible with the required type of activity and legal status
  • Business name cannot be similar to government`s organizations names or it`s abbreviations.
  • The names must not contain any sign of political organizations, religious names.

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Business Setup Consultants in UAE

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