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How to Set up a Cleaning Business in Dubai

Set up a Cleaning Business in Dubai

A cleaning business may seem like something that’s simple and straightforward; however, it involves hard work, starting from the process of business setup in UAE. Prior to making a full time career or your newest side job, it is best to spend a couple of days only doing the job in order for you to make sure that you are cut out for doing the work. 

As all businesses are to be registered and licensed in the UAE, it is best that you know exactly how to set up a cleaning business in Dubai and the steps that are involved should you decide to pursue company formation. In this article, we’ll provide you with three simple steps that are the most crucial aspects of the business setup. Let’s start! 

Step 1: Make a decision on your target market. 

You have lots of options with a cleaning business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. While we suggest that you stick to one single niche as you are still starting out with your business and building it from scratch, you’ll always have the option in expanding your markets and services continuously as your company grows in size. 

The best strategy for you will be researching the types of cleaning businesses and find out what will be the most suitable for your specific needs and skills. 

Commercial cleaning business in Dubai 

A commercial cleaning company is one that offers its services only to commercial businesses. Regardless of what kind of business, it’s necessary in maintaining the cleanliness of business premises and environments in which employees work. 

Whether maintaining an entire commercial or office building, window washing, or the disposal of toxic waste, there’s most definitely a massive market for a commercial cleaning business, especially in Dubai. 

Residential cleaning business in Dubai 

Residential cleaning businesses in Dubai, on the other hand, provide services to homes of clients. It is important for you to remember that a residential cleaning business will be the one to supply the cleaning equipment and products that are required in performing cleaning services unless the clients want otherwise. The services that are offered by residential house cleaners include deep cleaning, move in and out cleaning, home maintenance, home event cleanup, and green cleaning. The needs of each client will vary, which is why it is absolutely necessary to discuss the scope of the project prior to agreeing with a certain service. The pricing average should vary, depending greatly on the size of the home and location among others.

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Step 2: Decide on the cleaning business’s location.  

As you will be setting up a business in the UAE, you will have two options: mainland business setup UAE and UAE free zone business setup.  

Mainland businesses can be owned by foreign nationals for up to forty nine percent of the shares. For a foreign investor to be able to form a company in mainland UAE, he or she has to partner with a UAE national as the local sponsor. Take note: at least 200 square feet is required as the company’s physical office space if it plans on registering and operating in UAE mainland. The great thing about UAE mainland companies is the fact that they are able to do business regardless of where it is in UAE.  

For free zone businesses, foreign investors can own their businesses fully and get away with no office space. Unfortunately, a free zone cleaning business will only be allowed in providing services in the jurisdiction that it’s under unless the business acquires other licenses.

Step 3: Process business registration and acquire licenses.  

Assess the legal considerations when you process the registration of the cleaning business. For the business structure, make sure you spend time reading the business entity that your business will fit into. Select the business structure that is most helpful in attaining your personal and business goals. 

As soon as you have chosen a business structure that is most fitting, register with the appropriate local authorities. In the UAE, each jurisdiction has its sets of rules that apply to new businesses and company formation.

You will be able to find your legal obligations listed in guidelines published by the UAE government online. Word of caution: it can be complicated and no paperwork is fun. This is why most investors and entrepreneurs, most especially ones that are expatriates, consider hiring a firm that offers business setup in UAE. A business setup agent is an expert that will take you through the entire company formation process in Dubai and even process the permits and licenses that are necessary for each kind of business.  

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