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How We Evaluated HR Outsourcing Options

HR outsourcing services

HR outsourcing is gaining so much appreciation these days because it is decreasing the stress level of so many companies. The companies do not have to take the extra headache of the HR department as they can outsource all the HR functions and stay in peace. 

The needs of outsourcing are very different for small businesses and large business firms. hr services for small businesses might consist of so many HR aspects while if we talk about them in business firms, they might ask the agency for only one aspect of HR. 

HR Outsourcing Firm 

A lot of firms have started the outsourcing of different functions. These functions may include bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and HR functions as well. all of the functions provided by the external sources are up to the mark and there is nothing wrong with them as well. 

An HR outsourcing firm is the one that supports the people in the management of the functions that are related to the people. there are different needs of different companies. This is why the evaluation has been carried out about the HR function.

After the evaluation, it was found that more than 65 per cent of the businesses outsource their functions in HR. such functions may include the functions of staffing, payroll processing, or benefits administration as well. the large companies might outsource only one aspect of the HR function because they have their HR staff. Those companies that are small and do not have their own HR staff may outsource more than one aspect. This is the reason why the focus was put on the 5 main types of HR outsourcing. These may provide the company with all the resources they need to have. 

If a company needs to outsource but has a lack of OWN resources, they should do it as soon as possible. the business should not be left deprived of any of the needed functions. This is because if an accompanist needs a function, it should be provided. 

Businesses spend a lot of money every year so that they can take care of the expenditures of the employees that are related to Hr. when the money spent on HR was evaluated, it appeared to be $1,465 on average. This is a very huge amount indeed. 

A lot of factors were evaluated and the final ones of them were the education of HR and certification. All of the factors that were evaluated were the ones that could be trusted. These options have been certified by the authentic agencies so people can surely trust them with all of their hearts. 

Human Resource Consulting Firms  

for the people who need the HR services, they can consult the HR consulting firms. These firms are able to provide the people with state of the art services. Their services are very well polished that people can trust them fully without having any doubts at all. If you ask anyone who takes the HR consultancy services, you will surely get to know how much they help the people with the HR services.

8 Benefits of Outsourcing HR services in UAE

Common HR Functions Outsourced to Professionals 

There’s no specific playbook that is allocated for the outsourcing of HR functions. The functions that may stay in the house and those that are best outsourced to specialists will be dependent on the kind of business, the strategic priorities, as well as the role HR is playing in the realization of the priorities of the business. 

Nevertheless, here are the most commonly outsourced HR functions by businesses:

  • Recruiting in high volumes; 
  • Temporary staffing; 
  • Relocation of staff members; 
  • Drug screening and background checks of applicants; 
  • Coaching or training;
  • Administration of benefits; 
  • Payroll processing; 
  • Compensation program development or implementation; 
  • Creating or updating policy manuals and employee handbooks; 
  • Giving sexual harassment training; 
  • Updating and the creation of affirmative action plans; 
  • Independent contractor compliance;
  • PRO services including visa renewal (for employees)

The HR initiatives below tend to remain in the house and processed by employees:

  • Compensation delivery and design; 
  • Employee relations; 
  • Capital strategy planning;
  • Talent development;
  • HR strategy;
  • Succession planning;
  • Recruiting; 
  • Organization development; 
  • Performance management; 
  • HR department management 

HR outsourcing services are widely used by businesses in the UAE, regardless of the size. Outsourcing some HR functions or even all of them is proven to be widely accepted among businesses as it offers myriads of benefits. Outsourcing allows a business to focus more on HR-related activities which have more strategic value. HR outsourcing services in Dubai also provides savings in terms of money and the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of experts. 

If you have the option of outsourcing HR functions of your business, we suggest you start looking into HR consultancy services. An expert on the matter will be able to examine your business processes and procedures and advise you on what is most suitable for your business. 

What is the most important HR function that is to be outsourced to professionals? 

Payroll services in Dubai are the priority for businesses to consider outsourcing, especially those that have HR departments looking after this particular function. As its name suggests, payroll management is proper distribution and record-keeping of wages of employees.  

The process involves the tracking of bonuses and deductions to ensure accurate compensation. There are companies that prefer the processing of payroll manually, including the calculations deductions, gross, and net salary.  

However, HR staff that’s not seasoned and trained in the matter is prone to making errors with payroll management. Take note: making a mistake with company payroll has serious repercussions on a business. It is, therefore, the reason why experts always recommend outsourcing to payroll outsourcing companies in UAE.

What are the benefits of acquiring PRO services? 

PRO services help businesses in saving money and time. More often than not, businesses find themselves being dragged on with mere visa processes. employees are made to stand in never-ending queues while not having the appropriate documentation to finish the task. PRO services also provide you with knowledgeable and reliable partners for the execution of PRO-related tasks.