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What You Should Know About the Top Free Zones for Business Setup in UAE

Free Zones for Business Setup in UAE

There are approximately fifty free zones entrepreneurs and investors can choose from for business setup in UAE free zone. Here are the details you should know for the top Dubai free zones:

Dubai Media City 

Dubai Media City started its operations last 2001 and it’s a free trade zone that’s managed by TECOM Investments. It is under the regulation of Dubai Technology & Media FZ Authority, operating across a variety of industries such as Media and Marketing, New Media, Event Mgt, Advertising and Communication, Non-Profit Association, Event Support Services, and Freelancing.

Dubai Knowledge Village 

Launched in 2003, Dubai Knowledge Village is also under the management of TECOM Investments. It’s operating across industries such as Assessment and Testing, Executive Search, Academic Service Provider, Research and Development, Content Development Center, Human Resource Management, and more. 

Dubai Outsource Zone 

Formed last 2004 and currently managed by TECOM Investments, Dubai Outsource Zone is regulated by Dubai Technology and Media FZ Authority. It’s operating across business industries such as Back Office Operations, IT Sourcing, Business Processing Outsourcing, and Call Center. 


Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park 

Established in 2005, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park operate across various segments including Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Therapeutics, Specialty, Food Environment, Life Sciences, Supplies, Analysis and Diagnosis, and more. 

Dubai Studio City 

DSC is located in Dubai, UAE, and began operating in 2004. It’s owned by TECOM Investments but regulated by Dubai Technology and Media FZ Authority. It’s operating at a broad range of industries including Film Support Services, Themed Recreation and Amusement Activities, Music and Entertainment, Animation, and Broadcasting TV. 

Dubai Int’l Academic City 

DIAC was formed last 2007 and it’s owned by TECOM Investments. It’s regulated by Ministry/Dept of Higher Education and Dubai Technology and Media FZ Authority. It’s operating currently and serving the following industries: non-academic education providers, education providers, freelancers, boarding schools, and online universities among others. 

Jabel Ali Free Zone

JAFZA was among the first free zones which came into formation. It was established in 1985 and it’s managed by Economic Zones World. The free trade zone mainly focuses on assembly, logistics, trading, and manufacturing. 

Dubai Techno Park 

Also in Jebel Ali, Technopark started operating in 1985. It is currently managed and supervised by Economic Zones World. This free zone specializes in industrial activities, professional activities, and trading of specific items. 

Dubai Airport FZ 

DAFZA came into formation last 1996 and it’s located beside Dubai Airport. It’s managed by Dubai Investment Corporation with a major focus on assembly, logistics, trading, and light industry. 


DMCC was set up and started offering its services in 2002. It’s managed by DMCC Authority. It’s operating across several commodities such as pearl, minerals, metals, diamond, tea, cotton, and gold among others. 

JLT Free Zone

Located in Dubai and formed in 2002, it’s managed by DMCC Authority. It’s operating across several industries and trading.

Dubai Silicon Oasis 

Dubai Silicon Oasis is an advanced technological park established in Dubai last 2004. It’s managed by Dubai Investment Corporation and it operates across various sectors like microelectronics. 

Dubai Flower Center 

DFC is located near Dubai airport. It’s been in operations since 2004 and managed by DAFZA. It’s currently specializing in fruits, foliage, vegetables, cut flowers, and plants. 

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City was set up in 2004. It’s managed by TECOM Investments with regulation by Dubai Technology & Media FZ Authority. It’s now supporting industries like telecommunication, network, multimedia, internet, and software. 

Int’l Media Production Zone 

Established in 2005, Int’l Media Production Zone is owned by TECOM Investments. It’s under the regulation of Dubai Technology and Media FZ Authority, working across segments such as packaging machinery, graphic arts, publishing, printing press, printing machinery, printing consumable manufacturing, and more. 

Business Setup in a Dubai Free Zone 

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 Can a foreign national have a business in UAE? 

A free zone in UAE allows a foreign national to have one hundred percent ownership of a business. For a business in the UAE mainland, a foreigner can own 49% of a company. 

 Is the Dubai business setup easy? 

Dubai business setup involves a long process and the submission of the correct paperwork. It is advised to seek the help of professionals to comply with local regulations.