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Corporate PRO Services in Dubai

Corporate PRO Services in Dubai

To legally live and work in Dubai or UAE, foreigners need to have a UAE visa so you need someone to do PRO services in Dubai, UAE. This visa basically acts as a permit for foreigners to live and work here. In most cases, companies sponsor employees from different nationalities to work for them. This is one side of the book whereas in other cases where people are interested in their own company formation in UAE, they get their residency visa on the basis of being the owner of the company.

For a person to get a driving license, apply for car registration, apply for a PO box, bank account opening, and much more, a residence visa is mandatory.

Process of Getting a UAE Residence Visa

Step 1: Application for Employment Entry Permit

The first and foremost step toward the UAE residency visa is applying for an employment entry permit. There are two ways to get the employment entry permit which are by:

  1. Applying for the permit when the applicant is in the UAE premises.
  2. Applying for the permit when the applicant is outside of UAE.

Step 2: Application for Medical Test and ID Card

After getting the entry approvals, the applicant must go for the medical test. After the medical test, the next step is applying for the Emirates ID.

Step 3: Original Documents Submission

After the medical test of the applicant gets cleared, the original documents are to be submitted along with the original passport to the immigration department. There the documents will get verified and the residency visa is stamped on the passport. The duration of the residency visa can be 2 or more than 2 years depending upon the visa type as well as the company’s jurisdiction.

Do you find the above steps simple and easy?

Well, they are actually not. Attempting to carry out these processes is a huge job in which a lot of sub-steps are also involved. If you are a complete noob in UAE, you might take more than usual to carry out all of these steps. This can delay your visa processing so it would be better if you get the best PRO services in Dubai. This will make all the processes easy and quite simpler for you.

FAR Consulting Middle East, has the most knowledgeable staff having great experience in providing HR and PRO services in Dubai. It has the fastest modes of hassle-free assistance where you can get all sorts of pro services in Dubai very easily. Free zones and the mainland are both included in the services

The consultants are greatly experienced in the PRO services which makes them well aware of all the changing laws and orders in Dubai. They know how to fulfill all the requirements in a manageable way without burdening you at all.

Here are Some of the Services Included in PRO Services:

  • Visa for dependents
  • Residency visa renewal
  • Residency visa cancellation
  • Renewal of trade license
  • License amendments
  • Renewal or setting up of PO boxes
  • Notarization of documents
  • Attestation of the documents

PRO Services Dubai, UAE – Things You Need to Know

Visa Types

You can get assistance in three types of visa applications which include employment, visit, and dependent residence visa. Note that the dependent residence visa is for spouses, kids, families, etc.

Visa Beginning Process

Send the firm you have hired your passport copy along with passport size picture and personal details (a few of them).  Do not forget to have a detailed conversation about the free zone and your visa legal requirements as the requirements differ from zone to zone.

The Time Duration for Visa Issuance

The entry permit issuance is carried out in 3 to 5 working days. Additional approvals by the immigration department may take another week for stamping on a visa.

Number of Visas That Can Be Obtained for Your Own Company in A Free Zone

The number of visas that can be obtained depends upon the company size. If you have a physical location of your company, you will become eligible for 1 visa every 9 square meters of your office.

Duration of The Validity of Residency Visa

The visa for a free zone company is valid for about 3 years. The visa can be renewed upon the person’s will for another 3 years and so on.

Cost of Obtaining A Residency Visa in Dubai/UAE

For the visa process, there are costs;

Free Zone Fee

The free zone fee is different for different free zones. If you want information regarding any particular free zone, you can contact us for that.

Sovereign’s Fee

For the residency visa, the professional fee is AED 4,000. The product details are tailored to different business needs. You can have a look at the whole price list to get an idea about how much you would be needing.